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We live in a world where everything is moving rapidly and no matter how difficult it is; we need to keep up with the pace to survive. In this race of constantly following the routine, going to work, running to catch the train, getting stuck in traffic, we end up longing for a moment of peace. Now, what can be a better place than your home to find that solace!  

And do you know how your home can help you in keeping the stress at bay? Through colors! Yes, you read it right. As per scientists, colors have a great impact on our minds and if you look at the right colors, your mood can change drastically. In this article, we have scooped out some of the most relaxing painting colors that can help you relax at home. Check them out and pick your favorite!


With its cool appearance, blue stands out for its soothing ability to calm the mind and reduce tension. This is one of the best colors to choose for your bedroom as it can improve your sleep quality. To begin with, you can go for soft and neutral shades of blue for a calming effect. Some people often go for blue-greens for a serene touch to the walls.


If you believe in Feng Shui, then pink is the color that brings soothing energies in a room and keeps them understated. This feminine color also promotes balances of energies while giving a calming effect. However, do not opt for bright and vivid pink. Go for soft and dusty shades or you can also choose pastel pinks for your house walls. 


Though it is a royal color signifying strength and wisdom, violet also signifies inner peace. Some studies even suggest that violet enhances the power of meditation almost 10 times! So now that you know its secret, don’t hesitate to choose it as your wall colour design next time you think of revamping your house. 


In a study conducted by MSU, it was found that people who spend time in green-colored rooms scored low on stress ratings. In short, be ready to shed your stress if you choose green for your home. Interestingly, both dark and light shades of green have positive effects. Thus, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right one. 


Nothing can beat white color when it comes to calming effects. A bright white can instantly amp up the mood of your home and make you feel relaxed. You can also pair it with blue or even grey to create a balanced and calm environment in your home. 


Now when we say yellow for a calming effect, we refer to the subtle and pastel yellow. If you can get the right shade of yellow for your home, it can work wonders in changing your mood. This is a great color that can help in elevating your mood and making you start the day with a happy smile. 


If you are a person who can’t settle for one, there is always the scope of variations when it comes to house painting. Create a blend of any of these gorgeous colors that we have mentioned and bring a unique aesthetic touch. For instance, try blending violet with gray and you can get a soothing lilac grey hue. 

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