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Inspired by a sentence from the Julie Andrews song in The Sound of Music, ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens’, we thought of the Monsoons, and that drew us to a woman’s favourite things – Fashionable Clothes! Women and Fashion, can the two be separated?! So, again chasing links, Tom finally found Jerry and they are friends forever. I mean, we found a modern collection of women’s wear for the impending monsoon season and searing Indian summers. Showcased by Monsoon fashion brand at the London Fashion Week, it is called the L.O.V.E. Collection. This range includes party and daily wear, and has a variety of flamboyantly simple dresses, tunics, tops, camisoles, jackets, waistcoats, shorts, and others.

They have used Indian crafts in some pieces and have kept this particular line clean not only in terms of design but also by using recycled fabrics. Some of the fabrics/designs they have used are organic cotton jersey, smocked tunics in cotton, cutwork-embroidered dresses in 100% organic cotton, and layered dresses in 100% silk.

Every piece has a name and all of them had me spinning happily for a bit (almost every famous Indian city and other cities being represented in these names): Delhi Dress, Bangalore Cami, Goa Maxi Dress, Goa Button Tunic Top, Pondicherry top, Chennai Embellished tunic, Jaipur woodblock embellished dress (block printing is very popular in Jaipur), Casablanca Dress, San Juan Dress, or the San Antonio dress, and the Captiva Maxi dress (for the brave ladies I suppose!). I was delighted to find a Calcutta Tunic for myself. There is also a cute L.O.V.E. frill scarf, for a few frilly personalities.

Monsoon has simplified the monsoons by introducing the L.O.V.E. collection and there probably is something for every modern woman here. While you enjoy style and fashion, don’t forget to keep raincoats and canopies handy!

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  1. Very interesting post. India is such a great place where inspiration is in everything you see and feel. Using city names for cloths is a unique concept. Liked it.


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