Top 5 Indian DIY Bloggers Who Inspire the Artist in You!


“Creativity is intelligence having fun…”
-Albert Einstein

…And on that note, the World Creativity Day and Innovation Week will kick start on April 15. Ever since 2002, the event aims to create a global platform, where people can create, share new ideas; however big or small they may be.  Celebrated across 46 countries, the event not only aims to raise awareness but also tries to find new solutions, battle obstacles and build a new future. Starting on April 15, which is also Italian polymath Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday, the World Creativity Day got extended to a week until April 21.

There are many ways to celebrate this day. Yes, be creative about celebrating this day too; you need not be a genius like Da Vinci for this! However, what you need is the motivation to think out of the box. And Voila, You have it!

I personally choose to make things on my own and love to look up for projects that would help me create something useful. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are my personal favourite, for it awakens the artist in hibernation. It is a method of creating or repairing something without taking help from an expert. Not only does it bring out your creative side, but also gives you pointers on how you can make something new out of the things you already have. It need not be only about arts and crafts. You can also DIY about anything related to fashion, home décor or even food!

Here is a list of five Indian bloggers, who would not just inspire you to do it yourself, but would also help you explore your creative side:

Arvind Gupta:

Arvind Gupta

Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor, who creates simple toys out of trash. He applies science and illustrates a design that can be easily implemented by the kids. Being a thorough expert in science teaching, he has authored many books in different languages, including Little Toys, Amazing Activities, Science from Scrap, and Science Skills & Thrills: The Best of Arvind Gupta.

An IIT- Kanpur alumnus, Gupta participated in the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme (HSTP) in Madhya Pradesh in 1978, where he developed the idea of creating simple toys and educational experiments using locally available materials and things that are usually thrown as trash. His insights and ideas simple fascinated the children and this made him a popular science evangelist. He takes inspiration from a number of people, including Gautama Buddha, George Washington Carver and his mother.

DIY Indian

DIY-IndianDIY-Indian Starting from kitchen storage to tech tricks, this website definitely has a lot to offer.  You can browse through numerous videos and choose a diverse range of DIY projects that you can try at home. I usually go for home décor, kitchen storage, interior design and DIY accessories, since they provide really simple and creative ideas that do not need much effort. You can recycle tin cans, make your own headphones or try some very innovative kitchen hacks. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and contribute to the website if you have any interesting ideas to share.


Preethi & Somu -Woodooz

If you love wooden crafts, then Woodooz would be your haven! The blog was started in 2010 by a Chennai couple, Somu and Preethi as a result of their passion for their hobbies. While Somu works in the IT industry, Preethi is a business analyst. The couple decided to have their own platform and showcase their DIY crafts to educate people about woodworks and carpentry. They also indulge in projects related to arts, crafts and paper mache. You can also write to the couple and get feedback on your crafts and get tips on your handmade accessories.

Navin Khambala

Navin Khambala aka #crazyNK started his innings on YouTube in 2010. Since then, he has been making DIY videos that would help kids in their school projects. What is more interesting is that he comes up with innovative recycling ideas that would help you transform waste into energy. You will find a number of electronic DIY items that are made with the help of plastic bottles, sketch pen, old DVDs, switches and motors.

Style Inked

Manvi Gandotra

Style-Inked is a fashion blog by a fashionista! It is Manvi Gandotra’s pretty little world, where you can learn how to look classy by making your own accessories. Her DIY projects are simple; they have something for everyone. From carrying the cool palazzo pants to making that perfect tassle necklace, her posts will surely pep up your style quotient. With years of experience in working with industry leaders such as GAP and French Connection, Manvi started this blog “to make fashion more accessible to women.” Being a professional photographer and content writer has surely helped to build a fascinating portfolio of fashion DIY projects.

Style Inked


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