Best Indoor Flowering Plants That Are A Must Keep



Have you seen some households that keep flowering plants in their living rooms or bathrooms or selves? Don’t they add up to the grace? Indoor plants are not that hard to maintain like the plants that you grow in the garden. Here are a few plants that you can keep in your bedroom or living room. Don’t worry as you don’t have to go out in this pandemic situation, searching for these flowering plants or seeds. You can order online from Interflora and use trending Interflora promotional codes to get exciting offers on your purchase.



Also known as China Rose, these flower plants can be found in tropical areas. Many people tend to grow this plant in their gardens, but you can grow this flowering plant indoors too. This vibrant coloured plant not only adds up to the grace but also brightens up your mood. This flowering plant doesn’t need much care, all you need to keep the soil moist throughout the summer season and water it less during the winters.

African Violets (Saintpaulia)


Better known as African Violets. One of the best choices for indoor flowering plants! Unlike many other plants, it doesn’t need much time to germinate and you can see it bloom throughout the year. But there are a few things that you must keep in mind when you stay African Violets in your room. Firstly, cold water can be very harmful to them and secondly, do not allow the old leaves to collect in the pot as they can ruin your plant.


Best-Indoor-Flowering-Plants Geranium

These beautiful flowering plants come in different kinds of colour! You don’t have to worry much about caring for this particular flowering plant. All they need is managed watering and a proper pot to keep it! You also have to make sure that this plant gets an adequate amount of sunlight. Better to keep it near the window or by the balcony, because if you keep the plant in a cold and damp place, it will die out soon.


Best-Indoor-Flowering-Plants Orchid

Yes, you heard me right. This elegant flower can be grown indoors. All you need is be a little bit careful when it comes to maintaining this sleek beauty; instead of watering them directly, try keeping them moist using a water sprinkler or a spray. You can sprinkle water in the roots and the flower itself but avoid putting water in the above two inches of the plant.


Best-Indoor-Flowering-Plants Jasmine

This is as beautiful as the princess, Jasmine! Apart from being beautiful, this flower is the best choice if you want to keep your room scented up all the time. Jasmine is known for its lovely smell. This flowering plant can be grown in the garden as well as kept indoors. All you have to make sure is that the jasmine plant gets the proper amount of sunlight and ample water. You can get the seeds of this plant from Easyflowers and by using the trending EASY FLOWERS Discount code, you can get great deals on your purchase.

Peace lily 

Best-Indoor-Flowering-Plants Peace lily

Last but not the least, if you want one of its kind flowering plants for your indoors, the Peace Lily should be your first choice. This majestic white coloured spoon structured flower comes with almost zero maintenance. Having this plant in your drawing room doubles the beauty of your place. This plant needs a proper amount of light and moist soil to grow. Once these conditions are met, you can sit back and relax as they stay up years with this little or minimal care!

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