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Have you wondered if there are good ideas that can enable us to lead a better life without harming the environment… Have you seen any such innovative ideas…

Despite all the talk about environmentally-friendly living, it seems like all the good green ideas are originating from the West! We Indians always yearn for better ideas to emerge from our innovators that are affordable and adaptable our local needs. Thankfully, there is a growing list of simple yet innovative ideas that are not only eco-friendly, but also are economical.

We at Caleidoscope are organizing the Eco-ideaz Contest where we seek your nominations for the best innovative idea seen in India. The primary criteria will be the eco-friendliness of the idea and its commercial feasibility. We request our readers to identify the most eco-friendly product or service created in India either by writing a case-study on it or by just nominating it with a brief description. Remember, the idea need not be implemented by you!

Eco-ideaz Case-study Contest

Write a short article on the most innovative eco-friendly product or service created in India.
First prize for the winning case-study – Rs.5,000 cash prize
Second prize for case-study – Rs.2,000 cash prize

The contest guidelines are as follows –

  • Write an original case-study in a range of 500-700 words. Copied content will be rejected, but you can quote relevant sources in your footnotes.
  •  The chosen green product or service should be innovated in India or by a person of Indian origin.
  •  The case-study must elaborate on the existing problem and how the idea has solved the problem.
  •  Participants can submit as many case-studies as possible about different innovative ideas.
  •  It would be great if you have pictures of the idea. You can also send images taken by others (Flickr, Panoramio, Picasa), but obtain their written permission.
  •  Judges have the right to reject articles or images which do not fit in with the editorial policy of Caleidoscope.
  •  Each of these case-studies will be published on Caleidoscope and will be voted by our readers. Participants can promote their ideas among friends and get more votes.
  •  Judges will select the best case-study both by popular votes from readers and votes from a panel of eminent ecologists.
  •  All the articles and images sent to Caleidoscope become our property, which will be published with proper credentials of the copyright holder.

Please send your entries to
The last date for submission is 1st June 2013 and prizes will be declared on the World Environment Day!

 Eco-ideaz Nomination Contest

Participants have to just identify the most popular and unique eco-friendly idea created in India
First prize for identifying the most popular idea – prize worth Rs.1,500
First prize for identifying the most unique idea – prize worth Rs.1,500
Consolation prize worth Rs.500

The contest guidelines are as follows –

  • The chosen green product or service should be innovated in India or by a person of Indian origin.
  • Participants have to just write a one-line description about why they choose the eco-friendly idea.
  • If their idea is not in the list, they can add a new idea along with its photograph searched online.
  •  A participant can only choose two ideas. They can also promote their idea among their friends and get more votes.
  •  Judges will select the best idea both by popular votes from readers and votes from a panel of eminent ecologists.
  •  Just write a comment on this page to submit your idea.
  •  Submit your nomination before 26th May 2013.

So let’s begin the voting process. Check out our suggested nominations and vote for them through comments. If you find these ideas not worthy, you add better ideas of your own!

Check – Eco-friendly Ideas from India!

Image credits: The copyright for the images used in this article belong to their respective owners. Best known credits are given under the image. For changing the image credit or to get the image removed from Caleidoscope, please contact us.


  1. Nualgi is an excellent solution to sewage pollution of lakes.
    It is invented in Bangalore and is being used in many lakes, Vengayankere and Madivala are featured in this blog post on CSE website –

    Nualgi is being exported to USA too.

    Nualgi and Diatoms are perhaps the best solution to increase in CO2 in atmosphere and oceans and excess nutrients in lakes and coastal waters.

    CO2, Nitrogen and Phosphorus are all inputs for photosynthesis.
    So removing the excess using photosynthesis is the best solution.
    Diatom Algae consume all three during photosynthesis and Nualgi makes Diatoms to grow rapidly in lakes and oceans.

  2. Hi Meher and Bhaskar,
    Thank you very much for nominating these eco ideas. we will surely write about them in our forthcoming articles. please await the results of our contest on June 5th.


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