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I remember watching a documentary on Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue America, who is considered as one of the most powerful personalities in the global fashion industry. She is often criticized for using fur, which is a vital element in fashion. Criticism for using animal-based apparel is quite common in the fashion world. However, things have changed a lot over the last decade.

There are many fashion houses that have started using eco-friendly materials to produce their garments. Surprisingly, these products have gained popularity among the masses due to its sheer quality of being eco-friendly. Personally, I am fond of eco-friendly products. They not only look good but also are easy to handle. There is no special instruction for using them and can be easily managed; unlike products from other synthetic raw materials that need special attention.

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Green products have gained momentum. With technology, a lot of eco fashion materials have been introduced to the fashion industry. Recently, I got introduced to a new jeans made from recycled plastic made by Levis. These jeans are far better than the other material, plus they give you the similar comfort when compared to its counterparts.

Apart from the well-established brands, small garment manufacturers have also entered in the market with their eco-friendly products. Recently, when I attended a trade expo in Pune, I got to see products some of the small manufacturers from different states of India. Consumer awareness about the eco-friendly products and their charm is proving fruitful to such small manufacturers when they showcase their products.

Further, has found that eco fashion and dress material are becoming trendy among many fashion designers and brands. Firstly, these raw materials are easily available and are in abundance. Secondly, with the growing concern over the synthetic material, eco-friendly products seem a bit legitimate to use. Thirdly, these products are getting popular among masses because of rough handling. Considering all these factors, one can certainly expect eco-friendly fashion products to become trendy over the coming years.

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