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Eco-friendly Businesses Ideas, Image – Pixabay

Being “friendly” to nature is trend of the day. Pressure from stakeholders, consumers’ groups, and the need for finding sustainable sources of income are some factors driving new and old members of the corporate world towards this trend. A new breed of startups is emergent and dedicated to finding solutions for reducing, or even reversing, the damage that humanity is subjecting the environment to. Whatever the motives, a small step in the right direction by a part of the industry can further the goal of sustainability miles ahead.

So, whether you want to start a similar business, or simply wish to reduce your carbon & water footprint, these business niches will definitely be of help to you.

Eco-friendly landscaping

If you hire professional landscapers, your curb appeal will be flawless, but the maintenance might not be so good for the environment. Luckily, there are businesses that focus on eco-friendly ways and help homeowners make their yards greener, literally and figuratively speaking. They utilize tools and techniques, like drought-resistant plants, synthetic turf, and strategic placement of trees, which save water, energy and also, money.

Eco-friendly landscaping – Image Pixabay

Organic catering

When you combine the love for food with the respect for the environment you get an organic catering company. Such companies mainly cater to local events and use local, organic produce for the food. Such businesses also promote dietary diversity- the menus can include a wide range of meats, as well as various vegan, paleo-meal and gluten free options. So the next time you throw a block party, just make sure to avoid using paper and plastic food containers and to compost the leftovers. Find replacements that are organic and can resolve after throwing them.

Organic Catering – Image Pixabay

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is multidisciplinary field and works towards finding sustainable housing/ building solutions. Geotech companies use material science to find better, more sustainable uses for materials and also, to develop new eco-friendly building materials. So, if you’re thinking renovating, take some inspiration from these businesses and work towards making your home self-sustainable. Doing simple things like installing a small groundwater recharge system in your backyard can contribute a lot.

Geo-technical Engineering – Image Pixabay

Second Hand Shops

The amount of usable products that the average, urban human declares waste everyday is upsetting.  Many companies have acknowledged the gravity of the situation and are trying to minimize the wastefulness. We don’t realize how much positive impact thrift shops, second-hand car dealerships, or used furniture stores have on the environment. So the next time you feel like reading something, consider buying a used book.

Second Hand Shop – Image Pixabay


These urban humans don’t only generate material waste, but also, hard to recycle bio-organic waste. Instead of treating garbage as rubbish (pun inclusive), companies have started using food waste as a source of nourishment for the soil. Startups like these are turning garbage into compost, cardboards, and other useful commodities. This simple, eco-friendly fertilizer is the quintessential element of any organic farming setup.

Composting – Image Pixabay

Green Finance

The practice of green financing focuses on supporting local projects that put emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture. Also, such finances are concerned with providing funds for artistic endeavors, educational opportunities and projects which support local ecology. Unlike some conventional companies, green finance aims to gain a social profit and to provide support for beneficial and important community-level projects. So, if you already own a finance company and you’re tired of corporate number-crunching, you can up your game and switch to green finances and give back to your community and environment.

Green Financing – Image Pixabay

Eco-friendly Beauty Salon

More and more consumers are becoming aware of what they are putting in their bodies, and how chemicals affect them and the environment. To cater to this consciousness, many organic and vegan products are popping up. You can research the web in order to find some home recipes to make your own products. You can use shampoos and conditioners made of natural ingredients, apply only organic makeup, or use nail polish without any harmful chemicals. This booming sector gives new businesses a lot of space to operate in.

Organic Beauty Salon – Image Pixabay

When it comes to green business practices, there is still a lot to be learnt and explored. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of eco-friendly businesses that can inspire you to work towards change.

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