Eco-Friendly Footwear to Flaunt This Summer


As the globe warms further this summer, we begin to feel the scorching heat. Summer calls for sandals that allow the sun to gracefully shine on your pretty legs and toes. Thankfully, the footwear industry has prepared for the release of its greenest sandals and shoes collection yet!

Right from known eco-friendly footwear manufacturers like ECCO to market leaders such as PUMA, everybody has jumped into the eco-shoes bandwagon. Come summer, India will witness a series of sustainable shoes hitting the stores. Here is an idea of what’s coming!

Eco Shoes – Sustainable Solace

Just because these eco-friendly footwear are environmentally sustainable, that doesn’t mean that you would relate them to substandard quality or outdated style. In fact, they come with the best blend of style, substance and comfort. Style-oriented women claim that some of these flats are worth dying for, while others say that the comfort of an eco-shoe is unmatched. One is bound to feel closer to nature when they flaunt these beautiful pieces of footwear during summer. Short skirts and half jeans are amplified by the natural charm in this footwear.

Well, what’s better is that these eco-friendly sustainable shoes and sandals work wonderfully well with your skin as well. There will be no more instances of shoe-biting and sandal hurting, since these are the most natural of shoes man has ever made.

Eco-Friendly Footwear
Stylish Eco-friendly Sandals by Mohop | Source: Saturday Persimmon

Eco Sandals – Comfort and Care

Gorgeous sandals have cropped from a plethora of amazing nature-friendly creations and here is a look at the best of sustainable shoes hitting the stores both in India and abroad:

Mohop offers a unique eco sandal which comes in as a single wood-like base on which various eco-friendly ties and laces can be bind to generate a new pattern every day! Flat rope sandals from Cri de Coeur and Strap sandals from the sandal company – Swedish Hasbeens are among the best international models. Geramig international and Roshmilla leather from India have specialty eco-sandals for both men and women.

Brooks green silence, Nike Pegasus and Newton are among the best running shoes that you can buy to jog your summer around. The best part is that all of these top class shoes are eco-friendly and sustainable. Biodegradable shoes are the new fad and the biggest players including Woodlands are entering the market.

Eco-Friendly Footwear - Bata Eco Fit
Bata Eco Fit | Source:

India Catching Up

Big names from India aren’t left behind. Bata, the leading Indian footwear brand has made a commitment to manufacturing eco-friendly products. Among wholesale Indian manufacturers, names such as Shree, KP Tech, and Sajid International offer a range of biodegradable shoes.

The Indian brands find inspiration from American bigwigs going green. Some big brands such as Rei, Gaiam, Patagonia, Nau, Lush, Timberland, The Green Depot have been recognized as the world’s leading eco-friendly companies. The Indian top brands and many local brands have now begun living up to these standards set by the American counterparts.

We started by talking about how the world will be warmer this summer. If there is anything that’s going to be hotter, it is you in your chic pair of sandals and shoes. Be it a summer breakfast or a beach run, be it a party or a jog, we expect you to be there in the best of your eco-wear flaunting away these gorgeous new nature-friendly creations!

Text – Debjani Goswami

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