Planning to Go Solar? Check Out These 3 Solar Power Systems for Home



The sun is a major source of energy. Everyday, the sun provides millions of KWhs of energy  that is sufficient enough to power everything on Earth. The good thing is that solar energy is not only inexhaustible but it is also a cleaner form of energy. What’s even better – solar energy is available for FREE and you can harness it to get rid of those hefty energy bills. All you have to do is make an initial investment in getting a home solar power system installed on your property. And in case you are worried about the initial investment cost, we would like you to know that the entire installation cost can be recovered within a few years of installation itself. Also, if you are looking to go solar and would like to buy a solar power system for your home, here are a few recommendations from our side.

On Grid Solar Power System

An On Grid solar power system is connected to the local grid. The on-grid solar power systems are best suitable for areas where there are no or minimal power cuts. The good thing about on grid solar power systems is that you can use them with a net metering system that will allow you to transfer the excess energy to the local grid. The excess energy transferred to the local grid gets adjusted against the monthly units consumed which in turn helps you reduce your monthly energy bills. 

Note – ​​On Grid solar power systems come with a unique safety feature known as anti-islanding. The feature helps ensure safety of lineworkers while they repair a line during a power outage Shutting down of the grid-tied solar power system (during a power outage) helps ensure that no energy flows to the local grid, thereby ensuring safety of the line workers.

2. Off Grid Solar Power System

Unlike On Grid solar power systems, off grid solar power systems are not connected to the local grid. Instead, they use a high-capacity solar battery for storing excess power that can be used later to power the home when the solar panels aren’t producing enough power. Off-grid Solar Power Systems are best suited for areas that do not have access to the local grid or ones that experience long and frequent power cuts. Remember – Solar batteries require a substantial amount of investment and there’s also a replacement cost involved after every few years. It is, therefore, recommended that you should go for an off-grid solar power system only when there’s no local grid near you or your area experiences long and frequent power cuts. 

3. Hybrid Solar Power System

Hybrid solar power systems bring in the benefits of On Grid and off grid solar power systems. They are not only connected to the local grid but they also have a solar battery installed. During a normal day when there’s no power cut, a hybrid solar power system relies on solar energy for meeting the power requirements. Any excess energy whatsoever gets stored in the solar energy. In case of any power cut or in scenarios where the solar panels are not generating the required energy, the hybrid solar power systems use the energy stored in the solar batteries to power the home. In case the batteries have also drained out, energy is drawn from the local power grid.  

Planning to Go Solar?

Installing a solar power system has several benefits, and therefore, if you haven’t gone solar already then it’s high time you consider it now. If you need help choosing the right solar power system for your home, we would suggest that you get in touch with an expert at Luminous India and seek their help in selecting the right solar power system for your property.


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