Recycling Ideas for Home Decor


Recycling Ideas for Home décorReuse and recycle is a mantra that most people are now becoming aware of and integrating into their lifestyles. Home décor is perhaps the perfect place to reuse and recycle. Look around your home. There are plenty of things which are going to end up in your trash and consequently in the landfill. The shame does not lie in the fact that there are so many things which are going to wind up waste. The shame lies in the fact that not many of use consider recycling and reusing them in order to make our own home décor.

With an enterprising attitude and a bit of creativity, you could use anything from cereal boxes, corks, milk cartons and even plastic bottles to create pieces of home décor which will rival even your best dinner sets in terms of allure. Below are a few different  recycling ideas on how you can use common objects of waste in order to create truly remarkable pieces of home décor.

The Pringles Planter

All of us love our Pringles chips. They’re delicious and they’re taste never gets old. However, the shape of the Pringles box or can is more recognizable than the taste of the chips itself. It is a cylindrical container about a foot in length and it is perfect for use as a planter. In order to make the planter aesthetically viable, take some twine or some rope and wrap it around the cylinder. You can then use sequins or other decorative items to spruce up its looks. When you’re done, you will have interesting looking planter which is compact enough to be placed anywhere and deep enough to hold a plant properly.

Paint Planters

Taking a cue from the Pringles idea, we can also use unused paint cans and reuse them as planters. They are a lot bigger than Pringles cans hence their use is in the outdoor garden. Get a bunch of tape, colors and stencils and make quirky designs on the cans in order to make them look attractive.

Cereal Box Decorations

Cereal Boxes get thrown out in the trash or get torn apart by restless children. However, if you can keep your son from tearing it apart and avoid throwing it in the garbage, you can make a few interesting shapes using a cereal box. Perhaps the most attractive of them is the three dimensional star. Visit Guidecentral in order to view the instructions to creating a star out of your cereal box. After you’ve made the star, you can color it any color you want and you are left with a very adorable looking home décor piece.

Plastic Bottle Stands

recycling ideas

Plastic bottles are looked at as menaces to the environment. They do not decompose and they’re consumption in the modern world is quite unbelievable. However, if you’re smart, you can use them to make some great looking stands. Collect a few plastic bottles, you must have a few of them at home, and cut out their bases. Next, you need to fashion a stand. You can do this using a piece of metal or wood and a base. Glue the piece of metal or wood to the base and make sure that the base and the metal are perpendicular to each other. Next, make a hole in the center of the plastic bottle bases that you had cut out and place them on the metal one after the other. You can use chewing gum or sealant to keep the bases stable. With some peppy coloring, you can have a jewelry stand for you to keep your accessories in or even use it as a kitchen stand, storing small packets of spices and other things. In fact, you could co-ordinate the color of the stand with your favorite dinner set in order to create an even better and smoother décor.

Author Bio – Jim Deacon is an interior designer who also works as a freelance writer. Jim is famous for his creative and innovative ideas regarding recycling common commodity items into fashionable home décor. Contact Jim for advice regarding anything ranging from dinner sets to using toilet paper rolls to create wall art.

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