Ten Green Ways to Improve Your City Forever


Green Ways to Improve Your City - improve-your-city-infographic

1. Use public transportation- alternative fuel vehicles are increasing and can save up to 4.2 billion gallons of gas each year.

2. Open parks and trails- greenery inside the city is aesthetically pleasing and can help the production of other green products.

3. Decrease waste- at a rate of 1 million plastic bags used per minute worldwide, switching to reusable bags can have a huge impact.

4. Start local- farmer’s markets and community-supported agriculture are healthier and environmentally friendlier options for produce.

5. Use the roof- rooftop gardens conserve water, reduce runoff, and create insulation on otherwise wasted space.

6. Urban farming- grow produce in the roof gardens.

7. Convert to natural gas- it burns cleaner than oil.

8. Create Smart Cities- that monitor temperature, pollution, and radiation.

9. Build green- use biomaterials and avoid tree harvesting.

10. Switch to electric- electric cars use almost half the amount of gas, and still emit just as much power.

Source: Best Sociology Programs


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