The Best Party Wear Sarees Storming The World of Fashion This Wedding Season


The classic ensemble, saree gets a makeover every year, and it never fails to dazzle us with its stunning avatars. The wedding season gives us ample opportunities to put our fashionable foot forward. So, whether it is your best pal’s wedding or your distant cousin is getting hitched, party wear sarees always comes to the rescue and how!

Different Styles of Party Wear Sarees for the Wedding Season

Dressing the part is all too easy when you put on a gorgeous saree. From handloom sarees to luxe embroidered nine yards and eclectic neon prints, the saree game is buzzing with unmatched fashion fervor. If you are looking to take your fashionista vibe a notch higher, check out the saree styles that are doing the rounds this party season. We are hoping that you would do away with every chink in your fashion armor with these glamorous party wear sarees.

The Sheer Drama – The sheer saree was never really out of fashion game. But now it is making its presence felt like no tomorrow. Pastel shades in sheer fabrics can set the temperatures soaring! The peek-a- boo look works great. But remember to pair your saree right.


Any sheer saree with an off shoulder crop top or cold-shoulder blouse can make you look like a complete fashion goddess. All female superstars from Bollywood are flaunting their Designer sarees with elan right from weddings to high profile parties. This is one saree style that is not going in a hurry.

The Quirky Printed Sarees – The printed sarees have undergone a sea change. The pretty floral prints are always a summer favorite but what is working now are quirky prints, right from fans to butterflies to clock prints. What was considered as inane, and out of the box is now finding favor amongst the fashion milieu. Beautiful, irreverent and jazzy, we bet every pair of eyes will be on you when you make a grand entry into a party. Flip your hair back with a new found confidence and strut your stuff like a born fashionista.


The Metallic Stories – The pastels were always in the running, but slowly the gold and the silver is making a strong comeback. Dripping with drama, these sarees are bold and glamorous with a capital G. It dazzles and shines and the rock on your hand is now going to get a stiff competition from your gold or silver saree.


But if you want to really make your gold silver or other metallic shades stand out, make sure you tone down your accessories. Your makeup should be also muted. Highlight one part of your face.  Like a gold saree looks great with a Marsala mouth. For this shimmering outfit, you can give your accessories a royal ignores.

The Color Brigade – Are you someone who always bank on black and the red or at the most fuchsia to steer you through the winter weddings? Red and black has been done to death now, time to hail the new color on the block. Well, not exactly new, but gray is back to creating waves. Can gray really steal the thunder of the other more ravishing hues? Yes, absolutely if the trends are anything to go by. Recently, a very popular actress wore the gray saree with a stylish panache! Gray saree offset with silver threads and it turned out to be all kinds of magic. Your chance now to get a gray colored shimmery saree into your wardrobe.

Saree Gown – If you find wearing a saree and managing the pleats too cumbersome, get a saree gown as soon as possible. It looks like a saree because of the drape, but the whole look resembles that of a gown.

Gown Saree

Just put it on and you are good to go. Saree gown should be an intrinsic part of party wear saree list. Bold and beautiful, they are structured, form flattering and has a sensuous silhouette.  You don’t need much to enhance your outfit, as the outfit itself is so glamorous, it can shine and make a statement on its own.

Monochromatic Magic – Monochrome is big, one of the biggest trends in recent years. Black and white together weaves enigma! Bold and dramatic it immediately catches your eye amongst a host of other Indian sarees. Be it in cotton, silk, net or organza, you can seldom commit a fashion faux pas with black and white saree.

Dhoti Saree – One of the emerging trends that spell quirky, fun, and fashion in one single breath. A fashion winner, it is creating a fashion storm right from the ramp to the streets. It looks like a saree and yet it has the convenience of a dhoti. We are still crushing on this trend and hope it does not go all too soon.

Celebrities are flaunting this with a lot of chutzpah and we are visibly impressed. Time to drape one at the next happening party. Make sure you pair it with an interesting blouse, all your off shoulder crop tops or crop tops with dramatic ruffled sleeves are going to be useful here. Making a fashion statement with a saree like this is ever so easy.

Evergreen Traditional Sarees – Last but not the least, Traditional sarees always stand tall among all the modern frivolous garments. Be it your south silks, or your Bengal cotton, there’s nothing more organic, more innate and more gorgeous than our traditional weaves.


Wear it with a gajra and traditional intricate gold jewelry and you are sure to be a sight for sore eyes! A universal trend, that would never go out of style, how comforting is to wear your grandmother or mother’s hand- me –downs! It should definitely be counted among your most precious possessions.

If you are wondering where would you buy all these party wear sarees, well, you can buy branded sarees online. You can procure your sarees right at your doorstep, which is so much more hassle-free than threading across a teeming crowd to buy your favorite ensemble. So bring out your sky-high heels, your choicest baubles, don’t forget your fancy clutch and you surely would have arrived at the fashion scene with a bang!

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