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  1. Aajkal Contemporary Theatre In Pune
Aajkal Contemporary Theatre In Pune

The theatre in Pune is witnessing some change, and a big part can be seen on the side of a newly found group of theatre and art enthusiasts “Aajkal”. Theatre always becomes very exciting if there are creations and creatives! A transparent and clean institution, run by youngsters, Aajkal is planning many more new plays and running the old ones which are worth, which must run! There’s always a place for better in the place of good, well Aajkal strives for that.

There are plays like ‘Sorry Paranjpe’, ‘Itihaas gawah hai?’, ‘Zinda hai tu’, etc. which are run by the institution. All of which are socially relevant and some are gut-wrenching, the quality of work and amount of hard work is immense. We see the efforts these people, the youngsters and the theatre enthusiasts, make to make a change, to be mattered! We witness it in the plays like ‘Zabriko’, it’s a crazy play, put together by some crazy people! (Here, I mean good crazy), and also no discipline has ever created anything new! So here there are.

From the name of the group to the game they play, they are different in many ways, and we are here to witness it. Very few times does it happen that the audience feels any need to introspect themselves and the lives they are leading, the plays give us that sense, what kind of a person are we and what is that leading to. It can be anything, good or bad. So, from the very beginning and to the very top, cheers to team and happy for the audience who get to watch such amazing work!

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