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  1. Kalavithi – World of Soulful Art
Kalavithi - World of Soulful Art

Indigenous Arts are not just visual treats, they are loaded with stories and folklore, they reflect the way of life of indigenous people and their harmony with the land on which they live. Cave paintings of Bhimbetka, Gond wall paintings of MP and Chhattisgarh , Floor decorations across India in the form of Rangoli, Alpana, Mandana and more, Murals of Kerela, Mata Ni Pachedi - fabric hangings depicting Mother Goddess in Gujarat, Tikuli art from Bihar, in addition to the well preserved Madhubani - all speak about the life style, belief systems and aesthetic sensibilities, which span across geographies and generations.

On mission to preserve and promote Folk and Traditional Arts, Kalavithi, the online Folk and Tribal Art Gallery, offers classy and elegant Folk and Traditional Art from all states of India. The venture aims at empowering folk and tribal artists by providing them continuous demand pipeline, so that they can keep creating the arts, without having to worry about marketing or selling. To the patrons of Art, Kalavithi brings many exclusive and rare art forms, complete with their stories, and assurance of authenticity. This, with the convenience of buying from home, and receiving ready to display fully framed piece, saving trip to art shop, exhibition or even the neighborhood framing shop.

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