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Sattva Arts

“Sattva” is one of the three gunas's in Samkhya. SATTVA is the quality of Truth, Purity, Intelligence, Goodness and creates harmony, balance, and stability. Sattva provides happiness and contentment of a lasting nature. It is the principle of clarity, wideness, and peace, the force of love that unites all things together. Sattva Arts.Creations.Designs are the brainchild of Interior designer by education & Artist by heart Chitra Shekhar. The various Art forms displayed on the page and all the workshops are conducted solely by her in collaboration with different venue partners. Her husband takes care of the materials inventory & planning. Sattva is a team of wife & husband Chitra Shekhar. Sattva is all about various forms of Art, from India to Greece, Rome to China. Because of its uniting & spreading happiness nature, Sattva conducts workshops on various art forms in different cities of India. Sattva also deals in commissioned Art, the Art pieces can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

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