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Shop for antiques at Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Chor Bazaar is a very old market located in Mumbai. It used to be known as "Shor Bazaar". Britishers used to mispronounce the word and hence it came to be known as Chor Bazaar. Today it lives up to its name as stolen items have found its way to the market. It is the best place to find vintage and antique goods. You can find stuff varying from handicrafts to hardware here. The pricing is not rigid, it also depends on how you bargain with the vendor. You need to get here early to get your hands on the best stuff.

The area is a conservative Muslim locality, be sure to wear appropriate clothes. It would be advisable to cover your arms and legs to avoid unnecessary attention.

Chor Bazaar is the place if you are looking for fancy lamps or antiques to brighten up your home!

Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM

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