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  1. Vritti Kotian – The Escaped Dreams
Vritti Kotian - The Escaped Dreams

The Fantasy and the Reality

Between the Fantasy and The Reality, and who decides on that anyway. Giving the imaginary a chance to tell us the truth or show us the false.

Do you know those moments where you feel like escaping a space and going to a different world? During such moments, I would go to sleep. Just to get paralyzed for a few hours and enter into a dream world where everything is absurd and unreal. Just for an instance be a part of something that is not reality. This project let me be a part of that world not just while I was dreaming but even after that. My work made me bring my unreality to the real and take all the intense emotions that were submerged in me to a different space. Space where I found many others too.
I created a dream reality, which constantly will keep reminding me of the stories and teach me how to carry those emotions further in my life. Human beings have a tendency to submerge emotions because of many reasons. This project gave me a reason to let them out and feel lighter and better about myself. Maybe it is best said by someone unknown, art is like therapy because this project sure did help me deal with a lot of my insecurities.

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