A Day to Celebrate Friendship


Author – Vishal Gudlani

Image – SantaBanta.com

Friendship is a symbiotic relation between two living beings nourished by love, care, understanding and trust.”

A friend is a multifaceted person.

He is a listener when I want to express my feelings.

He is an appreciator when I excel in something.

He is a criticiser when I commit an immoral deed.

He is a supporter when I need him.

He is an advisor when I reach crossroads.

He is a helping hand when I need help the most.

He is a caretaker when he takes care of me.

He is a solution book when I’m surrounded by problems

He is a rescue force when problems tend to attack me.

Yes a friend encompasses all of the above qualities. This refined understanding of friendship didn’t strike me like a bolt of lightning but it evolved with bouts of experience.

Friendship day was never a part of Indian culture. It is a foreign concept and hence I neither heard nor witnessed my parents celebrating it. The first person who introduced me to friendship day was my elder sister. I remember before the day arrived, my sister used to run towards the store and buy friendship bands for all her companions. So, the first impact on my mind was all my companions are my friends. Following my sister’s footsteps, I celebrated friendship day like she did, during my early school days.

Growing up and with time, I realized that among my companions I could connect with only a few of them. So I adopted the view that there are two kinds of friends- mere friends and best friends. And consequently, I used to buy a better and expensive friendship band for my best friend and the usual one for other friends.

Soon I got a setback when one of my friends with whom I could strongly connect, who was my friend since we were one-year-olds, suddenly disconnected the bond of friendship between us. I realized that he was there with me till he received a certain something from me. He acted just like a parasite and after getting the required nutrition, he left me (the host) emotionally wounded. At that point, I understood that everyone with whom I can strongly connect are not good; some may purposefully build a good connection for their benefit.

My faith in friendship was fading but time took upon itself the responsibility to heal me and build up the lost faith. I was eventually healed during my admission at Graduation College. An accidental encounter with a person led to friendship and he soon turned out to be my roommate and best buddy. The Almighty blessed me with him at the correct time. He had all the qualities of a good friend. After a year I got transferred but the bond of friendship binds us together. He is miles away but still a good friend today.

During the transfer too, a few accidental friendships turned out to be precious. I understood it’s not a long time of togetherness that makes a good friendship but rather a short meeting is enough to sow the seeds of friendship. I also understood that friendship never ends due to distance but flourishes if it truly involves two caring human beings.

Now, I have three kinds of friends- hi-bye friends, parasite friends and true friends. On friendship day I send a message to all of them but I really mean it for my true friends.

I have understood that a true friend is a rare jewel received by good fortune and so I have to preserve it and live for it.

To all my true friends, I want to thank you for being a part of my life and I wish you a very Happy Friendship Day.

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