Drench and Rediscover Yourself in the Moments of Monsoon


Author – Shreya Dhar

“I hate days like this! When it rain rain rains, it rain rain rains, it rain rain rains” … Ser Mika once said.

Moments of Monsoon, enjoying the rain
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Profound and soul kindling deep thought indeed, but I beg to differ – I have my own thoughts on rains. I may sound like a polemicist, but I always get washed by the benign beauty of the rain. The pitter-patter of raindrops, the looming dark clouds encompassing the horizon, the soul-stirring sounds of rain smashing the windowpanes, and the incessant craving for samosas and garam chai fills my heart with the abundance of joy and nostalgic memories.

Joyous departure of blistering summer make us shout out – Oh! You rain, how wonderfully you add a sparkle to the outdoors, whenever you fall! *shivers* While it is difficult to explain in words the exhilaration that rains bring in, why not discover it for yourself and let the streaks of rainfall wash away all your poignant feelings, distressful pangs and harrowing worries, while the clouds roar with emancipation!

At the onset of Monsoon, I have collated a set of simple, easy-to-do ways to get the best moments of monsoon on your own. First enjoy pehli baarish ka boondey, you can thank me later!

Float paper boats on puddles of rainwater

Moments of Monsoon, Paper Boat Nostalgia
Image – Flickr / John Morgan

Embrace childhood, clasp the innocent joy, life awards you sometimes. Take a pause, set sail your dreams and allow the splashing rain bring back the child within you.

Build an awesome playlist for quintessential rain-drenched afternoons

Yeh baarish ka paani, Pyaar hua ikrar hua, tip tip barsa pani, ab ke sawaan – listen to these soulful rain-inspired melodies and feel monsoon drizzling through your veins and vessels. Rain and romance make an incredible combo, no wonder it floods our heart with beautiful memories, yearning longings and warm thoughts.

Samosas with imli ki chutney – a match made in heaven

Image – kabir cheema

Who likes to go out when it’s pouring cats and dogs! And why on earth! Stay indoors and relish the waft of hot samosas, coming through the kitchen doors. Tip-tap-tip outside and tangy imli ki chutney inside served with smoking hot samosas seem to make the world a better place to live in. Or you could try out the other favourite dish – pakoras with garam chai!

Do nothing but read, relax and rejuvenate

Moments-of-Monsoon-Reading Books
Image by Anrita1705

I raise my both hands to ‘Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book’. Rain gives you the best excuse to ditch work or classes. Turn off your alarm, change the side and go back to sleep, while listening to the ceaseless pouring. Or wake up, brew a cup of chai or coffee and waste yourself in a good book. Monsoon fills the air with romance, so appreciate the poems by Rumi and Neruda.

Let go and surrender

Photo by michael podger

Letting go is the best feeling in the world. Let the monsoon take away all the unwanted feelings that have been cramming you with reluctance, hopelessness and regrets. Step outside, look upwards at the falling rain and widen your arms to the monsoon! Celebrate life, celebrate rains! Surrender yourself completely and feel the sheer pleasure of getting drenched.

What a relief! Monsoon is here in Delhi! Don’t get wet anymore, but soak your soul in!

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