Incomplete Without You – Poem


Author – Sindhura Saradhi

Love poem

Lonely, as a cloud, I wander,
With the one missing beside;
Sometimes, at my shadow, I wonder,
For, there is only mine behind;
Fuddled I walk, reaching nowhere,
For, my path, your feet don’t share.
Into the emptiness, my eyes stare,
For, not your reflection lies in there.
Alone, in silence, I speak.
For, my words don’t reach you.
Not many a jiffy would it take,
With you, my bewitched heart just went.
Safe it is, my stolen heart,
Close enough to hear your breath.
Sweet memories, jib to get erased,
In my mind, with you imbued.
With innocence, your words enriched,
Leave my senses hypnotized.
I dream, in your laps to sleep,
In your words, I am truly, mad and deep.
Not a forlorn hope it is,
About to come true, a wish;
Whenever you make me feel sure,
I adore you a little bit more!

– from the poetry collection, “The Calling”

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