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For all the things we buy and use on a daily basis, what truly drives us are our memories. Memories of special events with family and friends, funny stories we share, and breaking bread with those we care most about. When we share our memories, it’s usually not about the latest technological gadget or sporty vehicle we buy. It’s our experiences. Moments. We want to continuously have those moments. Many families get stuck in their mundane day-to-day lives and forget about making memories until a holiday rolls around. If you are looking to change that in your own lives, here are a few of our own suggestions.

Take a Trip

Everyone needs a break from school or work. We need to go somewhere that isn’t familiar and relax, explore, and engage with something just a bit different. Most often, we need to do it with our loved ones. Taking a family trip is an excellent way to create memories. To explore a new area, see new sights, and take a lot of pictures together. Finding a lodging solution with multiple locations, such as Welk timeshare locations, is a good start to finding a place to stay every time you take a trip. You can lounge all day at the resort and enjoy the pool, go golfing or relax at a day spa. You can sleep in all day after staying up all night watching movies. It’s a home away from home that can help you build some really great memories.

Visit Grandma

Many of us remember fondly of road trips to see grandma and that can still happen. It can happen with any family member or long distance friend. If you need a reason to get away, outside of just needing to get away, visiting family or friends is a wonderful way to create lasting memories. Getting together with our loved ones, making meals together, and reminiscing about the past and catching up with the present are what keep us feeling connected with our loved ones.

Get Crafty Together

If taking trips are not in the budget at the moment and you are longing to feel connected, take an afternoon and get crafty with each other. It can be as simple as creating a photo album of memories you already have, to making cookies together. It could be that you find a cute painting craft on Pinterest and decide to do that together. If it’s near a holiday, crafting some decorations will surely bring you all together to add extra enjoyment to the time and your holiday.

Do Something for the First Time Together

When family and friends get together to do something for the first time, it creates a special bond and a lasting memory. Maybe your first skydive can be with your mom, the first trip to the Grand Canyon is with your brother, or going off on a safari in Africa can be with Aunt Sue. Doing something amazing like this does not just create a memory, it could lead to a tradition.

Start A Family Tradition

Family traditions are fairly common. Always going to Uncle Bob’s house for Thanksgiving or Cousin Lindsey hosts the New Year’s party each year are a few common ones. Traditions don’t have to be big events, they can be tiny things. Maybe it’s making s’mores in the backyard after Friday night dinner. It could be that you always go to the beach the day after school lets out for summer. Or it can be as simple as making pancakes every Sunday morning.

Making memories is important. When we let the busyness of work and school get in the way, we are left feeling a little disconnected from our loved ones. Take the time to strengthen those bonds. You will be so happy you did when you look back at all the photos.

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