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Kamla Nagar haunts

DU Food - Food Joints in North Campus

While DU colleges have their canteens and there are umpteen thelas to choose from, one must not forget the food haunts in Kamla Nagar, the market closest to the campus area and GTB Nagar. Kamla Nagar has a delightful joint called F.Y.I. Maggi that serves about 15 different types of maggi! It will surprise you with Punjabi Tadka Maggi, Crispy Maggi, Maggi in White Sauce, Maggi Kebabs and so on. Each version of maggi is named after SMS abbreviations like LOL, WTF, KO, TTYL etc. It has a funky décor in bright colours and is reasonably priced. A single visit is usually not enough!

DU Food - Chache-Di-Hatti

Kamla Nagar is also famous for Chacche di Hatti that sells some delectable chole bhature. Unless you see the crowd queued outside the stall, you will not believe the extent of its popularity. There are separate queues for men and women, and the stall opens at 10 in the morning and everything is over by 3 in the afternoon. We were intrigued by the rush and decided to give it a try. Needless to say, the long wait was totally worth it and we kept going back for more.

There is a narrow lane in Kamla Nagar that once had restaurants on both sides serving delicious and reasonably priced food. Most of these are shut now but Momo’s Point continues to serve oily, spicy, fattening, lip-smacking, finger-licking food. It is a small restaurant, usually overcrowded, which serves a wide variety of modified Chinese dishes. Try their crispy chilli potatoes with fresh lime soda or their chicken salt and pepper with mocktails like Blue Lagooon and Pina Colada and you might just be surprised!

The narrow intersecting lanes hold many delights for unsuspecting foodies. The Shawarma Point is one such. The cane structure with piping hot shawarmas on paper plates are sure to impress. Similarly, Shake Square has a wide range of milk shakes and ice-cream floats that can make anyone happy on a summer day. The price is a little high in comparison to other places in the campus area, but the drinks will make it worth your money’s while.

G.T.B. Nagar haunts

G.T.B. Nagar is just a few kilometres away from the Delhi University campus and can be reached by either cycle-rickshaw or auto-rickshaw. This area has some of the better dining options that are priced slightly higher than those in Kamla Nagar. QD’s is a favourite among both students and residents of that area. Its signature dish is tandoori momo, but regular items like chilli chicken, garlic chicken, and a variety of mocktails with names like Jump Up & Kiss Me, Woo Woo, and Green Lady are equally popular. The bright interiors and a collage of posters make this a lively place to eat at.

DU Food - Tandoori-Momo-at-QDs

The Big Yellow Door is a few steps away from QD’s and is famous for its Napolitano pasta and black forest shake. If you are willing to wait outside for 30 minutes or so, then you will be seated at a table in this little restaurant that serves the best Continental food in North Campus. It is a casual but classy place and easy on the pocket.

The Patel Chest area, with its lines of photocopy and computer printout shops, is also an eatery hub. It is an especially good option for those living in hostels who wish to sip tea after midnight. There are no prominent food joints in this stretch but the little stalls that serve kachori, samosa and tea are all-time hits with the students who fill their bellies, while waiting to get their notes photocopied. Do not miss the bhelpuris that will leave you craving for more.

So, whether you are in College A or College B, whether you are a student, an alumnus or a visitor, whether you got to choose the course you wished to pursue or grudgingly took admission into a course that was second-best in your list, one thing is certain – when in Delhi University, academic excellence goes hand in hand with gastronomic pleasure.

Disclaimer – This article only mentions a few handful of the really popular eating DU food haunts, but all you need to do is peek into the corners and discover some tiny new stall serving some mouth-watering delicacies or allow yourself to join the crowd and find out what the rush is all about.

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