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Tomorrow is World Photography Day! On this occasion, we urge our readers to share their images on any specific theme to celebrate the visual treat that they offer. Here is our collection of rain pictures based on “Indian Rain” theme.

Rain Clouds in the Sky

Rain Clouds in the Sky

Rain Clouds in the sky, ( I ) Don’t know why
They make me blue, when I’m thinking of you
Maybe they want to cry, As I walk on by
Hiding my tears, in a world of good byes
{Dheemtha Dheemtha Dhera na Dhera ///
Dheemtha Dhera na………na ne na }

Web dew drop

Rain Pictures - Web dew drop

Love during summer rain, Causes no pain
Cause I’m looking back, at you once again
Memories crowding my mind, You’re one of a kind
Life with out love, I’m helpless I’m dying
{Dheemtha Dheemtha Dhera na Dhera ///
Dheemtha Dhera na………na ne na }

Lucky Girl Mamma Let Her Play in Rain

Rain Pictures - Kid Playing

Rain drops and dance, strange kind of romance
I don’t know why (whether) to cry out loud, But I’m feeling fine
Watch the rhythm of the rain falling down
{Dheemtha Dheemtha Dhera na Dhera ///
Dheemtha Dhera na………na ne na }

– Colonial Cousins – Indian Rain Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Warm and Wet

Rain Pictures - Warm and Wet

Reflection of Rain

Rain Pictures - Reflection of Rain

Durgam Trek Slime

Durgam trek Slime

No Mood to Drench

Indian Street Dogs

Lightning n Thunder

Rain in Bangalore

Mouth Watering Street Food in Monsoon

Rain Pictures - Street food

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  1. Loved the simple and sweet poetry but your photographs totally out-shadow everything you write ! SO BEAUTIFUL !the image of reflections of rain being my top favorite !

    • Thanks Najm, the poetry is a great song from Colonial Cousins Hariharan and Lesli Levis. Reflection of Rain is our top favorite too.


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