The Special Someone


Author – Siddhi Sehgal

Image – Flickr/Liv Unni Sødem


Beside me, there is Someone.

When I am alone, there is Someone.

A constant companion and guide,

Someone I find always by my side.


In my sorrow, Someone cries.

There is trust, and no lies.

In my joy, Someone dances.

After every mistake, I still have chances.


Someone to care and understand,

To be my helping hand.

Upon my silly jokes, Someone laughs.

Someone is always with me on troubled paths.


The love of Someone, I cannot measure;

A relationship I treasure.

For me Someone is always there,

The one who remembers me in every prayer.


Someone who helps me grow

Patience! Even when I learn slow.

Someone lifts me up when I feel down

The reason for a smile when I frown.


Someone is walking alongside,

Footprints in footprints reside.

A constant shadow till the end

This Someone is you, my friend!

The true spirit of friendship is togetherness. One knows several people, cares for and loves several people, but the one with whom you can truly share all your joys and sorrows is your friend.

A true friend is like a copy of your parents. Like a shadow, this friend follows you at all times; even in the midst of a busy life there is always time for you. Friendship is not a give and take relation; the support is given without demanding anything in return.

Friendship day is celebrated across the world in celebration of this wonderful relationship. Different countries have different ways of celebrating this day. Gifts, cards, bouquets, chocolates, and friendship bands are exchanged among friends to show their love and affection towards each other. It is a joyous day, and a great opportunity to tell your friend what you feel about him/her; it is the day to freely express how valuable a friend is in your life. For true friends though, each day of the year is friendship day!

Happy Friendship Day to All

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