10 Waterfalls Near Mysore to Quench Your Thirst for Natural Water


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Waterfalls provide a remarkable glimpse into Nature’s creativity- they are invigorating yet comforting. The historic town of Mysore proves to be a focus of several well-known ones, which are a must-visit. The diversified flora and fauna of the regions really get enhanced by these waterfalls. The sight is a stunning one, with water cascading down the valley through the lush woods. The scenery is magical, almost like something out of a fairytale. Below we enumerate a number of the maximum appropriate waterfalls which can be placed close to Mysore.

1. Balmuri falls

Image-Ashwin Kumar/Flickr

The Balmuri waterfalls are only some kilometers from Mysore, located in nonviolent surroundings of herbal beauty. However, the waterfall is man-made and fashioned due to a test dam built on River Kaveri. In Kannada, ‘Bal’ means ‘Right’, regarding the proper flip the flow takes earlier than diving down, while ‘Muri’ interprets to ‘flip’. The Balmuri Falls isn’t as domineering on top as the maximum others. However, it gives a quiet break out from the bustles of town life, loved in amusement with cherished ones. The Ganesha temple placed in its proximity is likewise frequented with the aid of travelers.

Location: Balumuri, Yadathittu, Karnataka
Distance From Mysore:: 18 kms
Height: 6 feet.

2. Shivanasamudra Falls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Shivanasamudra-Falls

The call of the dual waterfalls of Shivanasamudra (or Sivasamudram) interprets as ‘Shiva’s sea’. The river Kaveri separates into streams referred to as Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. This pair is referred to as Shivanasamudra. The first one cascades down withinside the form of a horse tail over a rocky cliff. The latter makes its manner through rocks, plunging right into a plethora of streams that shape an awe-inspiring image. Best visited for the duration of the time of monsoons, possibly enjoy a wonderful view of the falls from the Shivasamudram Watch Tower.

Location: Mandya District, Karnataka
Distance From Mysore: 78 Kms
Height: 322 feet.

3. Iruppu Falls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Iruppu-Falls
Image-Dhruvaraj S/Flickr

The Iruppu Falls pose a scenic image because it slithers alongside the Brahmagiri Range. Tourists flock to view this infant of Nature for its picturesque setting. However additionally for nonsecular reasons. The fable approximately the place narrates how Lord Lakshman’s arrow through the hill variety fashioned a river that is now referred to as Lakshman Tirtha. Devotees trust that a go-to to this place will wash one off their sins.

Location: Brahmagiri, Kurchi, Karnataka
Distance From Mysore: 120 kms
Height: 170 feet.

4. Abbey Falls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Abbey-Falls
Image-Joseph D’Mello/Flickr

The Abbey Falls is taken into consideration as one of the maximum astounding sites close to Mysore. Its unhindered cascade over the difficult terrain that dives right into a bower of verdurous increase is like poetry come to life. One traverses thru espresso plantations and expanses of spice estates till they attain the falls on feet. The bridge contrary to the appropriate cascade gives a pleasing sight, as one feels the proximity to the water beneath the solar.

Location: Abbey Falls, Madikeri, Hoskeri, Karnataka
Distance From Mysore: 129 Kms
Height: 70 feet.

5. Chelavara Falls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Chelavara-Falls

The Chelavara Waterfalls are nestled inside a lush increase of timber and espresso plantations. The water flows down from a fantastic top and plunges onto a tortoise-fashioned rock. Winding roads lead one to this marvel, which is quality to go to for the duration of the monsoons. It is suggested, however, to take warning concerning the fantastic intensity of the falls.

Location: Cheyandane Village, Chelavara, Karnataka
Distance From Mysore: 128 Kms
Height: 150 feet.

6. Chunchi Falls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Chunchi-Falls

The supply of the Chunchi Falls lies withinside the Arkavathi from in which it flows for over 100 feet. The legend around this place centers on the tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi. They presented Lord Rama with an area of a haven for the duration of his life in their town.

The area across the falls flourishes with greenery. Tourists discover it pleasant and relaxing as they spend a pleasant time enjoying or having a picnic. The perfect time is the winters as there may be not anything comparable to amusement beneath a comfortable solar withinside the cusp of Nature.

Location: Kanakapura, Karnataka
Distance From Mysore: 97 Kms
Height: 66 feet.

7. Chunchanakatte Falls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Chunchanakatte_Falls
Image – Rks 80 Wikimedia

River Kaveri gave beginning to the spellbinding Chunchanakatte Falls this is located close to Mysore. The human beings trust that when Rama, angered with the aid of using Sita for her sharp retort, silenced her with a curse. Kaveri additionally appeared as a woman, became silenced too, and thus, the thunderous roar of the falls can’t be heard within the sanctum close to it. It is surely an area steeped in legendary history.

Location: Chunchanakatte, Haleyuru, Karnataka
Distance From Mysore: 55 Kms
Height: 60 feet.

8. Soochipara Waterfalls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Soochipara-Falls
Image-Jaseem Hamza/wikimedia

The fantastic waterfall of Soochipara dives down a three-tiered formation withinside the Vellarimala mountains. The call is derived from a needle fashioned rock which is located on the waterfalls. Surrounded with the aid of using lush tea estates and dense woods, travelers frequently spot flora and fauna across the place. From this top, view the staggering expanse of the Chembra Peak. The large rock referred to as Sentinel Rock imbibes an adventurous outlook to the scenic view and is likewise best for rock-climbing.

Location: Vellarimala, Kerala
Distance From Mysore: 143 Kms
Height: 656 feet.

9. Hogenakkal Waterfalls

Waterfalls Near Mysore-Hogenakkal-Falls
Image-Mukesh Barnwal/wikimedia

The Hogenakkal Waterfalls frequently appear because of the Niagara of India. The call is derived from Kannadian words ‘Hoge’, meaning ‘smoke’, and ‘Kal’, meaning ‘rocks’. Tourists attain the place through a quick trip on a boat, on the whole for the duration of the desired months of June to October. During heavy monsoons whilst boat rides aren’t available, the adventurous souls choose the exciting Coracle rides and move trekking and trekking.

Location: Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal Road, Dist, Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu
Distance From Mysore: 172 Kms
Height: 820 feet.

10. Siruvani Falls

Image – VasuVR/Wikimedia

Nestled in warm temperatures amidst the Siruvani Hills of Tamil Nadu, the Siruvani Falls are embraced with expanses of forest. The water from these falls is harvested withinside the Siruvani Dam which nourishes the town of Coimbatore. Tourists are suggested to bask withinside the serenity of the Falls at its bottom because its steep rocky cliffs will be dangerous. Usually, travelers pay their go to and go back with the aid of using day because of the relatively far off place.

Location: Noyyal River, Booluvampatti, Tamil Nadu
Distance From Mysore: 228 Kms
Height: 187 feet.

Each one of these cascades has its own unique charm albeit diverse in terms of region, habitat and climate. Enthusiasts of nature and adventure will love to pay a visit to these major attractions with some of those gorgeous waterfalls. They are not done enough justice in the descriptions, therefore we encourage you to plan a vacation and experience them for yourselves! Hope the list helps you with ideas for your weekend trip to these amazing waterfalls near Mysore.

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