5-day Travel Guide to Dubai


5-day Travel Guide to Dubai
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Dubai is one of the favourites and most visited holiday destinations for Indians. It takes only 3 hours and 25 minutes to reach there. This city is known for its glamour, luxury shopping, and skyscrapers. The modern architecture and nightlife are another charm of Dubai. Not to miss Burj Khalifa and the artificial islands are amongst the popular tourists’ attractions. 

List of things to carry when you travel to Dubai 

Here are things you should carry for your holiday to Dubai:

  • Documents: Do not forget to carry your passport, air tickets, and visa. 
  • Medicines: Some drugs used in India are prohibited for use in Dubai. Check them and carry your medicines along with the prescription.
  • Gadgets and power banks: Carry your camera, glares, mobiles and of course the power bank for the time when your mobile runs out of battery.
  • Daily Essentials: If you are travelling with a baby or if food is your concern when outside, pack some light ready to eat food.
  • Travel Insurance Policy: The cost of medical treatment is very high in Dubai. Hence, for any urgent medical assistance, you will be spending more than usual. Buying a Travel Insurance policy is wise under conditions of:
  1. Medical Evacuation and Illness.
  2. Loss of belongings like money, passport, luggage, etc.
  3. Delay in flights.
  4. Cancellation costs for flight and hotel bookings. (t&c apply)

Here are your 5-day travel guide tips to Dubai:

Day 1: Work up your excitement at Palm Jumeirah 

Palm Jumeirah – ckilger via Flickr

Excited and thrilled to explore Dubai, start your first day at Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island. Start early and grab breakfast at any of the cafes around. You can then take a walk till Jumeirah beach where you should try flyboarding and other sports. Grab some lunch and relax. As the day gets close to sunset, you can go on a Desert Safari to watch stars and enjoy under the open sky.

Day 2: Dubai Frame. Shopping at Gold Souk and Spice Souk Deira

Gold on sale at the Gold Souk – Elroy Serrao via Flickr

Start the second day with Dubai Frame. It is situated at a height of 150m and offers a stunning view of the old Dubai on one side. Most of it has smaller and old buildings, residential and small scale commercial complexes. 

Well, on the other side you can view the futuristic city of Dubai. It is the newly developed city with high-rise buildings, superior infrastructure, and clean roads. Next, visit Souk-a traditional Arab market of Dubai. This market place has shops that sell gold, spices, dry fruits and herbs. 

Day 3: Aquaventure Waterpark and Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise – Pixabay

How about spending a day at aqua venture waterpark? It has 15 rides and slides, rapids, pools, and private beach. After you are happy and fulfilled, make your way to Dubai Marina-The Dinner Cruise. It will not only offer you dinner but an ambience that you will cherish.

Day 4: Hot-Air Ballooning, Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai

Mall of Emirates – Pixabay

Begin your day with hot-air ballooning flying over the Arabian Desert. It will be an incomparable sight to see. After lunch move to Mall of the Emirates. You can shop, watch a movie and dine at any of the famous restaurants there. Do not miss Ski Dubai, another park in the Mall of the Emirates covered with snow everywhere for skiing.

Day 5: Burj Khalifa and Dubai Miracle Garden

Burj Khalifa – Pixabay

Your trip will not complete until you visit Burj Khalifa. This mighty tall building of 828 meters is the highlight of Dubai. Go as high up till 124th floor using the lift that takes you up high in just 60 seconds. At this height of 452 meters, you will get to see the wide-extending view of Dubai city. 

Next visit the Dubai Miracle Garden where millions of colourful flowers arranged in various shapes and forms will catch your attention. 

Where do I buy Travel Insurance Policy?

There are many Travel insurers but here are the reasons for you to choose Digit Insurance.

  • Affordable Product as you get $100,000 plan for 2 people for 7 days in UAE cost around 714 INR. Not even 1% of the total cost of the trip.
  • They cover injuries happening during adventure sports which is not covered by most of the competitors.
  • Easy claim process – You can just give a missed call and their team will get back to you. The procedure is online, and you can just upload the documents for fast processing.
  • Zero Deductible which implies that you don’t have to pay anything. Your insurer will manage the expenses.

The best time to visit Dubai is during the months of November to April. January and February are the busiest months because of the Dubai Shopping Festival. But make sure that you get your visa for Dubai in advance. You would not need one if you have a visa for the US, Schengen countries, the UK, etc.

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