6 Gorgeous Offbeat Travel Locations in India That we didn’t Knew


Gorgeous Offbeat Travel Locations in India

We always think of popular travel destinations when the idea of packing our bags for a holiday trip strikes our mind. Those spots are pretty famous and everyone lands up in such places during holidays. However, there are some places that are as gorgeous as the popular ones, but unfortunately we don’t visit them as often. India is a pretty vast country and it has a lot of beauty hidden it to be explored. There are many offbeat travel locations in India with sublime beauty that go mostly unnoticed; let’s check out some of these mostly little known offbeat travel destinations that are worth visiting.

Tarkali Beach – Maharashtra

Tarkali Beach – Ankur P/Flickr

Located silently on the western coast of India, Tarkali beach is often less visited place. It is around 546km from Mumbai and about 8km south of Malvan in Maharashtra. Equipped with long coastal line and clear waters, this beach brings up serenity to your eyes the moment you see it. If you are planning to enjoy adventurous water sports on a budget, then this is the perfect place. The waters here are pretty clear, on a sunny day you can see waters up to 20 feet deep, and this specialty makes this beach an ideal scuba diving destination in our country.
Tarkali provides you a majestic view with tall Shuru trees as the backdrop for the scenery. Backwaters are also a major site of attraction and what makes your day perfect than hiring a houseboat enjoying the evening sunset in it. Many resorts offer these houseboats to take you on a tour on these beautiful backwaters.

Coonoor – Tamil Nadu

Coonoor Tamil Nadu
Coonoor – Thangaraj Kumaravel/Flickr

Coonoor is a hilly paradise where you can meet the nature in its pure and undisturbed form. Greenery greets you everywhere in this hill station, which is situated on the Nilgiri Hills on the way to Ooty. The scene of fog drops on the leaves shining like diamonds when exposed to the early morning sun rays leaves you in disbelief of its beauty.
There is a lot to see, feel and experience the majesty of this unbelievably beautiful hill station. Sims Park is a large botanical garden spread over 12 hectares of land, in which you can find some rare plant species. This has not only been attracting tourists but it is also attracting many botany researchers. Trekking is another major attraction in Coonoor. Walking slowly through the tea gardens along with your loved ones is an unforgettable experience.

Lambasingi – Andhra Pradesh

Lambasingi – Bdmshiva/Wikimedia

Popularly known as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, Lambasingi mesmerizes you and will you catch you on the blank side of astonishment. It is often recorded as the coolest area in the state where the temperature falls below zero degree Celsius during winter. It is a hilly area that lies nearly 1,000 meters above the sea level. Maybe this is the most unnoticed tourist spot of our country because till today it is not regarded as a tourist spot.
This place is located exactly 100 km west from the city of Vishakhapatnam. It comes under the Chintapalli mandal of Andhra Pradesh. The local tribe inhabitants are generous with their hospitality. Commercial tourist facilities have not been developed in this place, so if you want to visit Kashmir on a budget, then do visit this place!

Osian – Rajasthan

Osian – vil.sandi/Flickr

If you think of spirituality, architecture, desert oasis and peace all at one place, then you should not miss visiting Osian in Rajasthan. Known for its royal heritage, the state of Rajasthan has been attracting people from all over the world, but this ancient town is something special. Osian attracts you not for its royalty but for its spirituality.
Located nearly about 65 km from Jodhpur, Osian is a desert oasis in the Thar Desert. The main Mahavir temple stands as a symbol of excellent blend of Hindu and Jain architectures, which many tourists love to visit. There are a number of other Hindu temples present in this holy place. The Sun god temple and three temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu are unbelievably beautiful. The architecture of the temples in this place is simply amazing.


Wayanad – Kalidas Pavithran/Flickr

Dressing in green carpets of tea gardens and mesmerizing with cool winds, Wayanad hides a lot of surprises for you. Wayanad is a hilly district situated on the tip of the Western Ghats in Kerala. Trekking here on the hills will make your experience a sublime one. Ekkadal caves in the Ambukuthy Mountain are really a treat to the eye, with their interesting carvings, which depicts the ancient tradition and lifestyle of the inhabitants.
The Chembara peak is one of the popular spots in Wayanad for adventure lovers. Kuruva Island is located nearly about 17 km to the east of Mananthavady. This mighty beauty is spread over 950 acres and it is a proud host for many rare species of birds and plants. Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is yet another feather in the crown of Wayanad, which is filled with many wild animals.


Auroville – Aleksandr Zykov/Flickr

Auroville is an experimental township situated partly in the state of Tamil Nadu and in the union territory of Pondicherry. It is a place with excellent international community indicating human equality and brotherhood. Basically, research regarding environment, culture, sustainable living, and spiritual needs of a person are carried out here. Today among the total population of Auroville only one third are Indians It is the peaceful dreamy place where people come live and follow their dreams leaving aside all their other jobs.
You may not be aware of such undiscovered beauties present in our great country. Be it Auroville, Rajasthan or Wayanad, each of these places have their own uniqueness in their truest sense.

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