8 Must-Haves to Make Your Solo Bike Trip Memorable


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Following the same schedule day in and day out can take its toll even on people with the strongest of mindsets. Thus, it is required for you to take that break once in a while to offset the proceedings and explore something new. One of the better ways of doing so is to opt for a solo trip and that too on a bike.

Being on a solo trip is slowly becoming popular among bike owners and enthusiasts. On solo trips, you do not have to depend on an entire team. You can stop anywhere and as many times as you want to get that perfect click or try out local cuisines. You are not restricted on the destination as well, as it is all your wish. 

One could go on and on about the benefits of going on a solo trip. However, it is this very nature for which you might need to take the extra precaution as well. Here are the top 10 must-haves, if you are planning on a solo trip. 

#1 Attire

Have you packed your bags? If not, you might want to take it a bit slow. It is recommended to ride with a safety gear when you are setting out for long rides. A good pair of boots, jackets, gloves and a clean helmet are must-haves. To increase the comfort and safety levels, you can opt for jackets with extra padding on the chest and back. Similarly, look for gloves with excellent grip and the same goes for shoes as well.

#2 Bluetooth System

Since you expect to ride for a longer duration, getting a Bluetooth system for your helmet might be worth the investment. It frees you up from using the messy wires or from the constant need to stop to pick up calls while on the go. Backup for Battery

When you are on a solo trip, you need to take care of all the devices. Such as navigation, cameras, Bluetooth devices and so on. Thus, it is important to carry sufficient power backup, so that none of your devices run out of power.

#3 Sufficient Fluids and Food

One cannot be too sure about the availability of good eateries on the road. Thus, packing your bags with a healthy dose of fluids and snacks is important. It lets you take a break on the side of the road, enjoying the scenery and munching on your favorite snack.

#4 Toolkit

If you are planning on a trip to hilly or unknown territories, having a proper navigation system is imperative. Google maps will help you, but at times the good old navigation maps can be extremely helpful. And for unknown terrain, it is important that you carry a good toolkit as well. If the bike were to break down and throw some tantrums, you can take care on your own.

#5 Rain Cover

It might not even be the rainy season when you wish to travel. However, carry rain cover is crucial as the weather might change through different towns and cities that you will cross on the way. 

#6 Check Up

Before you set out for the long ride, having a quick pit stop at a garage will protect you from any potential pain. Check for all the fluids, wiring, battery and tires. Top up any fluid that is close to its minimum levels.

#7 Engine Oil

If you are going for really long rides, carry some extra fluids for your bike. The most common one being the engine oil. You can top it up on the way if you want to.

#8 Two wheeler insurance

When you are on a solo trip, you will be venturing into a lot of unknown regions. Buying a two wheeler insurance is the base of the trip. A 2 wheeler insurance is important for various reasons. For starters, it offers you legal clearance so that you can zip on any public roads without ever having to worry about a traffic police caught hold of you. 

Secondly, a 2 wheeler insurance will ensure that you can ride without any worries. If you face any unforeseen incident or accident, the policy will take care of the same. If you do not already own a two wheeler insurance, make it a point to buy one before you start.

You can buy bike insurance online with Acko general insurance. Buying bike insurance online helps you save a considerable amount on premiums and yet receive all the benefits. In fact, riding without an insurance is as dangerous as riding without any safety gear on the highways. Scary isn’t it?

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