9 Things To Do While Travelling To Pass Time


Things To Do While Travelling
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Traveling can be quite the arduous task, if you do not plan it right. It can exhaust you, drain you and even leave you demotivated sometimes. But, only if it is not planned right. When planned efficiently, you can have fun, entertain yourself and also recharge yourself from the stress of daily life. So, to help you carry on your travel plans hassle-free, here are some short tips and things to do during traveling to pass your time in a relaxed manner :


It never hurts to make a new friend right? Traveling is a fantastic way to make more friends and meet new people. You can learn about different personalities, their experiences, cultures and also their goals in life. Initiating a conversation with a stranger can seem scary and intimidating at first due to various differences, but there is so much to learn from every person we meet in life – whether rich or poor and irrespective of ethnicity. You can share your experiences and learn a lot from their experiences. So, do not hold yourself and feel shy to talk to the person next to you. Long journeys can get really boring and talking to a stranger can really hit things off, sometimes creating long term friendships and relationships. This is a wonderful way to spend your time during traveling.


This specially applies if you are traveling in a different region or a country, from your own. If you can strike off a conversation with someone whose mother tongue if different from yours, you can trade the knowledge of the languages you possess with one another. This is a great and fun way to learn a few words and sentences of a different language. It has been studied that people who know or speak more than one language have enhanced and improved critical thinking, concentration, multi-tasking ability, problem-solving skills and better listening skills.


An element of surprise is good, but It is always better to be prepared for future happenings. While traveling, you can read more about the places you will be visiting, whether it is a couple of restaurants you are wanting to relish your taste buds at, the hotel where you are staying or nearby attractions that you would like to pay a visit. If you are traveling to a new country, you can learn a bit about the history, culture and lifestyle of the place, so that you can blend in better. There are various sources of information in today’s world. So, make the most of the opportunity to read and learn more about the place.


With the evolution of technology, everything is present in the palm of your hands and is easily accessible. Netflix and Amazon Prime have changed the face of visual entertainment of how one watches television shows and movies, spanning across various genres. You can watch anything from latest web series, documentaries and horror movies to spy shows and real life biopics. There are hundreds of television series and films to watch here. Visual streaming services are a great hit worldwide and since their introductions, different platforms have taken the world by storm. In India alone, there are millions of subscribers of Netflix and Amazon Prime. All you need is a mobile phone or a laptop and internet connection to access them.


No internet connections or devices needed, just pieces of paper and you. This is one of the best and the most wonderful ways to spend time while traveling. Reading books have been a pass time since time immemorial. One of the main reasons why people read books is because It transports you to a different world and makes you lose the track of time, especially during long and tiring journeys. You can engage in reading any book of your choice, whether it is an exciting novel by Dan Brown or comic books such as Asterix and Tintin! This activity will help you kill time and at the same time engage you in a fantasy world. Always carry your favorite books around.


What’s a better way to pass and kill time than to sleep? It helps you relax, rejuvenate and recharge yourself, especially if you have been a victim of late working hours and the common stress of the busy life. A short nap never hurts the body, in fact it makes you feel healthier, fresher and more mindful. And let’s be honest, if there is nothing to do around, a person would doze off within no time.

Here is a fun fact : A study by sleep researchers shows that human spend almost one-third of their life sleeping!


Another thing you can do is call up a friend who you are close to and talk to them, maybe even for hours! It may be a close colleague from your work place or an old friend whom you haven’t spoken to in months. This is a great way to pass time while traveling, as you can tell them about your further adventures and also catch up on life’s happenings!


Listening to your favorite music is the arguably the most preferred pastime by anyone during traveling. Jam to some rock tunes by AC/DC or groove to some of the greatest pop hits by Michael Jackson, music has the ability to help you relax in times of boredom and distress. It has been proved that listening to music makes a person happy, elevating the mood and also helps people sleep better. Plug in your earphones and enjoy some great music.

A fun fact is, listening to music utilizes the entire functions of brain, which very few other activities do!


Being mindful refers to the state of mind where one enhances brain activity simply by concentrating, paying more attention and focusing on things around them. It is always in the best interests of people to stay safe by making smart decisions, especially while traveling. Safety and security must be the top most priority of anyone while traveling. Take in the details around you in the most subtle manner, without judging or analyzing to them. Being mindful is a trait or a skill you can apply anywhere and everywhere in your daily fast-paced life.

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