A 5-day Guide to Exploring Bali



Bali is so full of charm and natural beauty that one might just not want to come back. I felt the same when I was there. I was completely drawn to its culture, the weather, the people and the serenity it offered me. I had the best time exploring Badung, Seminyak and Ubud to my heart’s content. Here is a 5-day guide to exploring Bali which can help you with your Bali itinerary:

Day 1


A 5day Tour Guide to Exploring Bali Ubud
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Beautiful Ubud with its artistic and laid back charm was fun to explore. I stayed at this absolutely stunning resort called Desa Visesa which was located in the heart of Ubud. The rice terraces and outdoor pool with their charming royal palace kind of a lobby had me enchanted and made me feel like I was a part of Ubud culture. First half of my day was spent exploring the hotel and taking a spa. 


I went to the Ubud Market which wasn’t far. The market had some beautiful dreamcatchers, batik print clothes, sculptures and various other handicrafts. The amount of bargaining at the market was exhausting. Then, I went to see the Kecak dance at a nearby temple. It was a gripping performance that I couldn’t help but compare to our Ram Leela performances. Interestingly, Bali also has a Hindu population which believes in the Ramayana but their interpretation of the text is different from India. I also went to Campuhan Ridge Walk which was really close to the hotel. The entire walk had pretty grass and white flowers growing over it. That’s where I enjoyed a stunning sunset. 

I got back to my hotel and ate a sumptuous meal at their Lumbung Restaurant. 

Day 2


A 5day Tour Guide to Exploring Bali Badung

Day 2 was all about Badung! Cut off from the main city, Badung is the destination for those looking for peace and calm. I was staying at Five Elements Retreat in Badung so I could make the most of my time there. 

Five Elements was a totally eco-friendly resort and added flair to my stay with their delicious “purely vegan” food, a room which was made out of bamboo, the closeness to River Ayung and their healing spas. Their spas made me feel like a completely new person.


I stepped out, all energetic and ready. I visited the John Hardy handcrafted jewellery workshop near the hotel and then went on to the Berawa and Canggu beach. These two beaches were connected to one another so I walked from one beach to another in the warm sunlight.

I learned to surf at the Canggu beach, which was a unique experience. It is a must visit place for any traveller looking to develop a new skill. I then visited Nude Café and the Finns Beach Club. My day was full of activity and eating, shopping and snapping pictures.

Day 3 & 4 



Exploring Seminyak was a laid back kind of an experience. I stayed at W Bali and the resort itself was so scenic that I felt refreshed and pampered. My room had the ocean view and was located close to the forest. It was surreal.

Seminyak beach had the cutest little beach bars and cafes that served drinks and good food so I wasn’t left hungry while roaming on the beach. The Seminyak Square market and Jalan Laksmana was a shopping paradise for me. Nyaman Art Gallery had me gaping at beautiful art work by local and Indonesian artists while the Revolver café served great coffee. 

A-5-day-Guide-to-Exploring seminyak-beach

The next day, I went for scuba diving near the Seminyak Beach. It was an adventurous moment for me. I also went to Bar 68 and the Potato Head Beach Club to experience Seminyak’s nightlife. I danced till my legs hurt. I could clearly see why people talked so much about the Seminyak nightlife in their travelogues. 

Day 5

Bubble Hotel, Uluwatu


My last day was spent at Bubble Hotel in Uluwatu. This stunning property is greater than any dream you could imagine. Living inside a big, well-furnished, transparent bubble on the ocean side was an experience I definitely didn’t want to miss. Bubble Hotel was truly like a dream because the moment I stepped out of the bubble, I was on the beach. The bubble itself was beautifully decorated with a canopy bed and warm lights.

I couldn’t stop loving the wonderful orange-pink sky as the sun set and a constellation of stars started appearing. The bonfire by my bubble warmed my very soul as I looked up at the sky full of twinkling stars. 

Guide to Bali Trip

Bubble Hotel gave me memories that I can never forget and pictures that look too good to be true. I spent the best night of my life at this hotel and couldn’t stop raving about it to my friends after I got back home. It was the kind of experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. I can still remember the fresh air, the sound of the waves, the warmth of the bonfire and the bright stars from that night. 

These five days of my life were spent experiencing and exploring Bali to my heart’s content. Bali was a rollercoaster with the multitude of things to offer. It took me out on a long long ride.

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