7 Best Adventurous Places to Visit in Ladakh for a Thrilling Experience


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What comes to your mind when you think of Ladakh? Sky-touching mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes, and expanded horizons make Ladakh an incredible destination to explore. The heavenly, breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh can take you to the world of imagination any day. Traveling across the remote villages, located in the high altitudes makes you feel like you’re standing next to heaven. Besides that, the mind-blowing climate and atmosphere of Ladakh have turned it into the center of attraction for tourists. Naturally, there are multiple tourist attractions here that you can include in your activity list while visiting Ladakh.

Well, the presence of so many enchanting places in Ladakh makes it confusing for globetrotters to schedule their day-by-day traveling programs. If you’re traveling to Ladakh, visit the following destinations mandatorily to get the real flavor of this hill-centered land.

1. Khardung-la Pass

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If you love riding, the Khardung-la Pass is the route to go on a bike ride. No matter whether you’re going for a solo ride, or you’re taking your soulmate with you, the rigid ice-covered route will fascinate you throughout the journey. This pass also leads you to the Shyok Valley and Nubra and it’s suggested to be equipped with high-quality biking gears while biking through the pass. The entire pass remains covered with snow most of the time. However, if you’re going on a ride through this path during summer, you might get a clearer road. However, the straight mountain walls by the road make your journey thrilling and adventurous and hence, a must-to-include place in your Ladakh tour. 

2. Magnetic Hill

Image – Amit Rawat/Flickr

It will be a lifetime loss if you visit Ladakh and don’t travel to the Magnetic Hill. The astonishing magnetic properties of this hill justify its name. As an adventure-lover, you may not want to miss the shocking experience of going on an expedition on this hill. Being one of the most exciting elements in Ladakh, the Magnetic Hill receives thousands of tourists every month. Therefore, you must arrange a road trip to Magnetic Hill and don’t get afraid if your car gets attracted towards the surface of the hill all of a sudden.

3. Chadar Trek

Image – Partha Chowdhury via Flickr

No traveler would step back when it comes to trekking. Imagine how thrilling it is to have a trek to high Himalayan altitudes while walking on a frozen river. Isn’t it jaw-dropping? Well, if you are an adventure seeker looking for some amazing trails to trek on, this Chadar Trek is the best option. Trekkers here get a chance to walk over the frozen Zanskar River to reach their trekking points. This is what makes the Chadar Trek so exciting for travelers and trekkers.

4. Zanskar Valley

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The hill-surrounded Zanskar Valley is one of the most charming trekking destinations in Ladakh. Almost every Leh Ladakh Sightseeing includes this place in their list of best treks. The special thing about this valley is th at it isn’t green like other famous valleys in India. Rather, this remains covered with snow throughout the year and you can get a fantastic visual of the Zanskar River from the high terrain of the valley. You are bound to be amazed to see how a portion of the Zanskar River remains frozen while the other portion flows in its style.

5. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa

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You can’t miss out on exploring this ancient gompa if you possess a spiritual mindset. Anyway, you will have to trek through a remote mountain pathway to reach this exotic gompa. Here you’ll feel an old, peaceful, and religious vibe that will reflect the heritage of ancient Buddhism. Also, the structural excellence and designed walls of the gompa will leave you speechless. So, this place is also a must-visit when you have a trip to Ladakh. You’ll explore the lifestyle of the lamas of the gompa as you visit this place.

6. Diskit Monastery


Do ancient places with historical significance keep calling you? Well, this monastery has all the elements to surprise you as it was founded in the 14th century. The place will take you to the past in the initial days of Buddhism and you’ll make acquaintances with the ancient culture as well. Also, the scenic view around the splendid monastery will impress you as well. This place is worth visiting for everyone who is traveling to Ladakh.

7. Nubra Valley

Image – The Adventurous b3n/Flickr

The list remains incomplete without including this spectacular valley in it. The views of Karakoram mountain ranges that you will get from here are beyond words. Apart from that, the dream-like white sand beaches will fill your mind with loads of amazement. The most important thing about this place is that the Shyak and Siachen rivers confluence here, creating an outstanding scenic landscape. So, don’t make the mistake of keeping this heavenly destination out of your plan while visiting Ladakh.

These are the best adventurous destinations to explore when you plan a trip to Ladakh. All these destinations have unique features and thrilling experiences to offer. Therefore, including these amazing and strikingly beautiful destinations in your traveling list will help you make your journey an exotic one.

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