Bali by Yacht – A Holiday to Remember Forever!


Are you ready to sail the oceans around Bali? How does a ‘yacht holiday to Bali’ sound to you? Well, we can tell you it’s a pretty spectacular way of seeing the island! You’ll get struck by mesmerizing ocean and sunset views and explore the wondrous underwater world around Bali that bursts with colours and liveliness.


Bali by yacht is an unforgettable experience, just gliding across the sea towards the infinite horizon – it is amazing! Sip cocktails, play music, have an on-board BBQ – the options are limitless! Isn’t it insanely expensive to rent a private yacht in Bali? Well, it can be (if you’re up for the high-end Bali yacht experience!) but it doesn’t have to be. There is a wide range of private yachts available suitable to travellers on all budgets. One thing is for sure, on a private yacht charter boat, you can go on unique sea adventures and sail off-the-beaten-track (or should I say bays!?). Keep reading if you want to find out more about this unique Bali holiday inspired by yachts…



A yacht trip is super private. After all, it is just you and your friends and/or family on one boat together having the time of your lives. No sharing the sunset and the perfect Instagram-moment with thousands of other admirers. From your private charter boat, it’s all yours!

For everyone

No, yacht charters are not just for the rich, they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and prices! You don’t have to be a member of some yacht club, The Seven Holiday has got all the connections to get you your beautiful yacht to sail away with a group of your best friends or with your beloved family.

Optional activities

The wind in your hair, the horizon ahead, the sunset awaits in the afternoon and the vibes are all good – just relaxing on your private yacht charter is already enough for a wonderful day out but you can also combine the yacht trip with some activities such as snorkelling, diving and island hopping. How about swimming with the magical manta rays and sea turtles or what do you think of going out for snorkelling trip at the celebrated ‘crystal bay’ around Nusa Penida? These experiences really add even more value to the whole yacht experience.

Bali Yacht Charters are great for:


Nothing more romantic than the two of you on a yacht sharing a bottle of champagne and saying cheers to your future together as one.



Bring the kids along! Bring your grandparents! Everyone can join on this amazing ocean adventure in Bali! Kids can plunge into the sea (as long as they can swim) and they’ll be amazed by the life and coral gardens beneath the surface of the sea. Grandparents will love to sit on deck, having coffee or a glass of wine, breathing in the fresh air and gazing at the beautiful surroundings.

Group of friends

Nothing better than a yacht trip with friends! Everyone puts in a little money for the yacht and you’ll be having the time of your lives! Go for a free-flow bar and a BBQ on deck – this is what holidaying is all about!

Corporate events

Planning a corporate event and want to do some great team building? Try a yacht trip – a great way to experience something wonderful together outside of the office.



Sounds pretty great, right – throwing your birthday party on a yacht in Bali seas?! That’ll be a birthday party to remember alright! You can even get married on a yacht for a unique life event. Something out of the ordinary and so very special! How to organize it? No worries, we can do all that for you.

The Seven Holiday is your yacht expert

Yes, come to us for all your holiday and honeymoon dreams but we can also book you in for a sensational yacht charter boat trip. Small to large yachts, with or without activities, including drinks or a lavish on-deck food feast – it is all up to you. Ask us anything and we can probably make it happen (there is nothing we won’t try!).

All of our yacht cruises come with experienced professional captains and boat crew members. You are in safe hands, provided with the best equipment.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful article with us this will be of great help to me as I would be traveling to Bali in March and still have not figured out the places where I will be visiting this will surely help me in planning places.


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