Bali & Wellness: An Eternal Relationship


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Bali is a haven of peace, wellness and tranquility. Visiting Bali gave me unforgettable memories, right from breathtaking sunsets, endless coastline and scenic green landscapes to be soul touching spa treatments and ocean facing rooms. If I could use one word to describe my trip to Bali, it would be –  ‘breathtaking’. I lived at different resorts throughout my stay and realized that all of them were focused on giving me a wholesome experience. 

The Balinese culture gives great importance to harmony between mind, body and soul. The spa treatments that I experienced had the main objective of making me feel lasting relief and re-calibrate my energies through effective age old Balinese techniques. I was ecstatic that I could avail all kinds of therapies that the resorts I was staying at offered because each had their own unique style but were based on the same principle- providing me with lasting wellness and relief. This has been something Bali has consistently values and shares with the world. Through their healing spas and treatments, they want to give everyone fuller lives and an authentic Balinese experience.  

While in Ubud, I stayed at Desa Visesa, Ubud. It welcomed me with lush green rice terraces and a very Balinese vibe. It was eco-friendly and had me excited right from the get-go. Apart from the breathtaking view from the balcony of my room, there was a lot to be explored and loved while I was at this resort. I experienced a fantastic body healing ritual inside a cave. There was a healer who had checked my chakras before the treatment and he advised me drink coconut water everyday. 


Being used to body massages in a beauty salon, I was overjoyed by the possibility of getting a spa ritual away from the smell of cosmetics and flashy interiors of metropolitan salons. The moment I stepped into the cave to get a 90 minute long Pertiwi spa ritual, I was completely engulfed by quietness and the soothing aura of the cave. My therapist asked me a host of questions before commencing the spa. This was done to remedy any issues I had. At the end of it, I felt like my body was realigned to be its best and mind was clear of any stressful thoughts. I could clearly see why these spas were healing spas. 

W Bali in Seminyak had me starry eyed the moment I set foot on the property. Spread out on a huge area, this resort was photogenic from all angles. My room was right by the beach. I woke up to clear skies and slept with a night sky dotted with stars. W Bali’s spa was modern but still had a very Balinese flavor to it. Encompassed inside the hotel itself, their AWAY Spa felt like a different world with tasteful décor and modern amenities like Hot Stone baths, a Hammam steam room and Cold Plunge Vitality pools. A long list of available treatments stared back at me. 

I received a refreshing spa treatment at the indoor spa and also in a cabana by the ocean. I was so impressed by their services that I also got a facial and my nails done. W Bali pampered me endlessly. I felt loved and taken care of and returned to my room feeling fresh and energetic, much against common misconception that spas can make you sleepy. 

Five Elements Retreat, Badung is one of the most eco friendly resorts in Bali. All their spa rituals were focused on healing and used 100% natural products sourced from the best places. I enjoyed a Sakti ritual spa and a Super Food Facial in a beautiful spa retreat by the River Ayung. It was great to get to know all about the spa and the ingredients from the therapist and sip their special tea at the end of it.


I visited Bambu Indah, a boutique hotel with natural swimming pools, had a great time exploring the property and resting in the deck chair looking at the green water of the pool. Bathing in their natural waters was very healing and made me feel rejuvenated. 

The Balinese take wellness very seriously and that is why these rituals and techniques have been passed down from generation to generation religiously. Not a single resort made me feel like I was an outsider or simply a guest. They were passionate about these services and did not treat them as business. They helped me understand the effects these treatments would have on my wellbeing.

I was made to feel at home and given elaborate spa treatments that positively affected my body and mind. I was able to enjoy my trip with a fuller heart and an energetic body. 

Bali and wellness have an eternal relationship that needs to be experienced through their culture, food and their healing technique. If you plan to go to Bali, make sure you receive at least a couple of such healing spa rituals. Without these, your trip would be incomplete and you would miss out on this very calming color of Bali.

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