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India is known for its rich heritage, vibrant culture and raw ethnicity. The authenticity pulsates and radiates from each corner of the subcontinent. But what is the best way to experience the wonders of this beautiful and charming mosaic? Walking! If you are looking to experience this cradle of civilization closely with a more personal outlook then a walking tour will bring you more in contact to the heart of India. Some of the best travel agents in India will advise you not to be a tourist, but instead make yourself at home and experience India like one of the locals.

Here are some of the places where you can have an enchantingly memorable and one of the best heritage walking tours in India:

Goa Walking Tour

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Known for it’s never ending parties, friendly locals, scrumptious sea food and of course, the white sandy beaches, Goa is a town riddled with rich heritage and visible European influences. You will be made to walk along the charming and delightful streets of Goa where it is dotted with humble quarters, churches and colorful gardens. Walking along the spine of the enchanting town of Panjim, you will witness the grand Adil shah palace, Old central library and the regal Panjim church. The walls in these streets are adorned with tiled mosaic images, quirky illustrations and other images which represent the rich Portugese culture that made this town a prime tourist destination in India. The peaceful collision of the Portugese and Indian culture can be experienced as well as witnessed in the architecture, food and lifestyle of the locals. Walking through old Goa you will be greeted with a variety of pleasant bazaars and enthralling landscapes.

Best time to visit – mid November to mid-February

Old Delhi Walking Tour

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Known for its fast paced life and for being one of the best metropolitan cities to live in India, the old Delhi heritage walk will be a pleasant surprise. Contrary to New Delhi, old Delhi will teleport you back in time. With narrow, age old alleyways, buildings dating back to the Mughal era and a rich fragrance of the local and famous food preparations in the air, a heritage walk of Old Delhi will give you a glimpse into the foundations of the present day Delhi. From exploring the vibrant bazaars and spice markets of the largest wholesale market in India, tasting some of the most delicious and one of a kind food to witnessing the splendor of the well preserved and one of the largest mosques in India Jama masjid, you will be awe struck with the secrets this city still holds. This old Delhi heritage tour can be experienced by foodies, photographers, avid readers, history lovers as well as shopaholics alike.

Best time to visit – November to February

Pondicherry Walking Tour

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With brightly colored quirky buildings, French architecture with ornate windows and clean streets lined with tall green trees, Pondicherry is a town which is best experienced on foot. A heritage walk of the town will take you on a journey through history and time dating back to 17th century when this coastal town was brought to life by the long term French reign here. A safe haven for nature and peace lovers and an oasis for avid and amateur photographers, this post colonial town has a series of French and Tamil quarters remnants. The colonial influence has been beautifully mingled with the traditional culture of the town giving it a personality of its own. You will be exploring some of the most iconic structures of the town like, Ayi Mandapam, Pondicherry museum and Le Café. Taking a walk among this enchanting town will bring you closer to the life and times of the locals.

Best time to visit – November to February

Varanasi Walking Tour

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Being one of the oldest living cities in the world, a walking tour of Varanasi will evoke not just a sense of extreme spirituality but will also bring you in close contact with the ancient stories that make up one for one of the oldest and widely accepted religion in the world. You will be made to explore the true vibrancy of the holy river of Ganga and its neatly lined ghats, along with taking a dip into the rich history by walking through the alleyways of ancient and some of the most pious temples like Kashi Vishwanath, Sankat Mochan Hanuman mandir, bharat mata mandir and more. There are several undiscovered and hidden gems in Varansai which can only be truly experienced by taking a walk within these winding roads. All this walking is bound to make you hungry, which can be satiated by gorging on the delicious street food, whose taste is unmatched.

Best time to visit – November to March

Mysore Heritage Walking Tour

Royal Mysore Walks
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Mysore is a land which is brimming with an opulent history, unique culture and traditions that date back to ages ago. Home to the famous Mysore silk sarees and Mysore masala dosa, this grand town is located comfortably on the foothills of Chamundi Hills which serves the purpose of creating a picturesque backdrop. Walking in this though provoking heritage town, you will be taken through a century old market, you will be made to taste some of the most delicious food. The engaging Mysore heritage walking tour will take you through some of the magnificent structures like, Amba Vilas palace, Crawford Hall, Jaganmohana palace, Devaraja Market and visiting local artisans. If you are looking for a holiday where you expect to soak in some prolific history of the place by taking a walk among the locals then Mysore is the place to be.

Best time to visit – October to March

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