Best Islands and Beaches to Visit in Vietnam


Best Islands and Beaches to Visit in Vietnam
Image – Pixabay

In Vietnam, there a plethora of untouched beaches, crystal clear waters, and palm tree-rimmed islands waiting to be traveled. There is more than 3,400 km of coastline, so tourists are spoiled for options to explore. To simplify the paralyzing issue of trip planning because of the number of choices let’s narrow the list down. 

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Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is popular for its mountainous regions and natural beauty. Make sure to plan a visit, when you can enjoy the outdoor activities. In the northern Vietnam visit –

Cat Ba Island – Jungle-lined beaches

Best Islands and Beaches to Visit in Vietnam Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba Island – Pixabay

Cat Ba Island is the largest amongst the 367 islands. It is sprinkled with jagged limestone pinnacles, sandy beaches, and lush green jungles. It is a home to 32 different kinds of mammals including the white-headed langur [an endangered primate in the world]. You can go from Cat Ba Island to Ninh Binh, Sapa, and Hanoi by a prearranged combination of a ferry and bus. 

Several off-beaten beaches can be tracked. Don’t forget to visit Butterfly Valley and see the colorful butterflies, on your way to Cat Ba Beach. 

Ha Long Bay – Natural wonder

Best Islands and Beaches to Visit in Vietnam Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay – Pixabay

Ha Long Bay means the ‘descending dragon’. It boasts thousands of limestone islands & islets, rainforest, secluded white beaches, coral reefs, and wave-eroded grottoes. The landscape is completely surreal, which cannot be surpassed. 

Cat Ba

Cat Ba visit includes a trip to Monkey Island. Besides monkey watching, you can enjoy the extensive views of the Lan Ha Bay from the island peak. It is just a short hiking distance away from Cat Ba. 

Central Vietnam

Lang Co Bay

Best Islands and Beaches to Visit in Vietnam Lang Co Bay
Image – Pixabay

Wandering around the Cau Hai and Lap An Lagoons on the blue, calm sea water makes you feel special. Watching the sunset, while sailing along with the blue sky and rugged mountain is indescribable. 

Non Nuoc Beach

Image – Vyacheslav Argenberg via Flickr

Da Nang is popular for its My Khe Beach, but if you like uncrowded places, then visit the Non Nuoc Beach. The place has it all, a little slope, clean water, soft white sands and sound of breaking waves. 

Ha My, Ky Co, Bai Xep, Ninh Chu, etc. are some names of the beautiful beach in the central part of Vietnam.

Southern Vietnam

Mon Beach

Best-Islands-and-Beaches-to-Visit-in-Vietnam-Mon Beach
Image – Anh Tú via Flickr

The color of the water is sapphire gin. In the clear water, you can see hulls shadows on the seabed. It is a triangle sandy section wedged between the rocky headlands in Tuy Hoa City.

Hon Go Sandbar

Medium-sized wave rollers break on the endless sandy beach and the white surf blends with the turquoise water, making it look phosphorescent. The beach is still untouched and is a great location for couples who desire for an off the grid space.

Nhat Beach

Image – Michael Tyler via Flickr

It is area squeezed between the ocean and the mountain-foot near Con Son Island. The color of the sand is porcelain white and that of water is cologne blue. 

Dai, Binh Dinh, Ninh Phuoc, Cam Lap Promontory, etc. are a few untouched Southern beaches in Vietnam waiting to be traveled!

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