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Indian Culture Photographer

Do you have an eye for Indian art & culture?

Here is a wonderful opportunity to get paid to be culturally sensitive!

Caleidoscope Cultural Magazine is seeking out Cultural Crusaders who are always on the hunt to discover something unique about India and tell the world about it.

What we want our Cultural Crusaders to do –

  • Seek and dig out the hidden secrets of an offbeat travel destination
  • Understand a region’s art & culture and write about it crisply
  • Click vivid pictures that entice viewers to visit the place
  • Keenly participate in all kinds of cultural events and concerts

There are some exciting prizes to be won for all this crusading for culture!

Who said art & culture doesn’t pay?

Indian Cultural Photographer

  • Create a photo feature on a particular cultural theme
  • The theme can be related to culture, fine art, heritage, history, etc.
  • Composition, lighting and timing of the moment captured will matter most
  • First prize – Rs.10,000 | Second prize – Rs.5,000 | Consolation prizes – Rs.2,000

Rules of the contest –

  • Photo features must have 6 images at least
  • All images must be own copyright and proof of ownership must be proven if needed
  • Pictures uploaded by friends & relatives can be submitted, but get their written permission
  • Each photo must a detailed caption of minimum 30 words
  • Images must be submitted in JPG format with a minimum size of 800×600 pixels

The contest ends on 7th November 2014. So hurry!

Please send your entries to

Judges have the right to reject any image that does not conform to Caleidoscope’s editorial policy.

A panel of eminent writers will judge and select the winning articles and photo features.

All the articles and images sent to Caleidoscope become our property, which will be published in whatever way we deem necessary.

All the contest entries will be published on Caleidoscope after the contest results are announced.

*Note: If we do not get a minimum of 10 entries for each contest, we will be forced to cancel the announced cash prizes. However, the participants who have already sent their entries will be assured of a consolation prize.

Image credits: The copyright for the images used in this article belong to their respective owners. Best known credits are given under the image. For changing the image credit or to get the image removed from Caleidoscope, please contact us.



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