Couples Visiting Paris for a Weekend, Here is Our Guide to Make it More Romantic


Couples Visiting Paris for a Weekend

With an enduring reputation as the romantic capital of the world, Paris is an obvious destination for couples who want to share a special few days in each other’s company and enjoy some amazing sights.

Once you have browsed Paris tour packages and made your booking it is time to get excited about the prospect of what you are going to see and do when you arrive in the city of love. Yan can also use airport taxi transfers Paris to reach your stay at a affordable cost.

The Perfect Romantic Stroll

Romantic Stroll at Canal St. Martin
Canal St. Martin Jorge Láscar via Flickr

If you want to do something truly romantic in Paris it is hard to top the experience of taking a stroll along the Canal St. Martin.

Time seems to stand still in this part of Paris and there are plenty of opportunities to stop for a drink by the riverside and watch the world go by in the company of someone you love.

You Can’t Miss this Iconic Monument

Couples Visiting Paris
Eiffel Tower

If ever you needed reminding that you are in the beautiful and romantic city of Paris you only have to search out the iconic landmark of the Eiffel Tower to confirm where in the world you are this weekend.

It is also an amazing backdrop for a cozy picnic in the park and you don’t have to move too far away from the tower and the tourists to find a spot just to yourself where you can wine and dine and glance up at one of the most recognizable sights on the planet.

Step Back in Time

Couples Visiting Paris
Luxembourg Gardens

Paris is blessed with some stunning and inspirational gardens that really put you in the mood for love and right up there as one of the most romantic settings you can find in the city is Luxembourg Gardens.

The Jardins de Luxembourg seems to transport you to a different era, especially when you take a ride on the oldest merry-go-round found anywhere in Paris. The gardens are simply perfect for couples and if you visit just as the sun is setting it will deliver some amazing memories to take home with you.

Culinary Delights Everywhere

Couples Visiting Paris

The French are famous for their culinary exploits and love of food and drink so it makes perfect sense to indulge your taste buds when you come to Paris.

Head to Le Marais, for example, and you will have plenty of amazing opportunities to sample what local food vendors and artisans have to offer, with so many different wines, cheeses and meats to choose from you will struggle to choose which ones to try.

Sharing new taste experiences is a romantic thing to do and enjoying the great food and drink is considered an integral part of your incredible Paris adventure.

A Great Way to End the Day

Couples Visiting Paris
Terrass Hotel

Paris is a beautiful city by day and after you have enjoyed a packed itinerary in each other’s company a great way to end the day would be to seek out a rooftop bar.

Head to the Terrass Hotel on Rue Lepic, for instance, and you will be treated to memorable views of Paris by night as you sip cocktails or champagne with the Eiffel Tower shining like a beacon of love in the distance.

Paris for a weekend? It’s the place to be for couples who want to enjoy an amazing 48-hours in romantic surroundings.

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