Dream Destination Bali with Fivelements for Eco-Conscious Travellers


In pursuit of inner peace and healing, I headed to the Island of Gods-Bali. With the sole purpose of relaxing with their heavenly spas, picturesque landscape and infinite coastline, I landed with an excited heart drawn in by Bali’s charm.

When I arrived at Fivelements, Ubud, I could understand why Bali was so revered for its peaceful and giving culture. The property has some of the best ever spas and I was instantly mesmerised by the feeling of energy I got. 

First Impression of Fivelements

Bali Fivelements Retreats

Having travelled to Bali from the second most populated country in the world – India and finding my way to Fivelements in itself was an adventure. Why? That’s because it was far away from any kind of chaos. It personified peace. Located by the Ayung River, it was nestled in greenery and pristineness so fine that I couldn’t believe it was real. The signature rice terraces, the Balinese village like feel and the fresh cool air while the sun shone down on me was what I instantly noticed when I got there. 

I Got the Best Vibes


Fivelement had a strong aesthetic game. There were little ponds and streams across the property along with manicured tropical gardens. All the suites faced the river and were made out of bamboo, wood and straw, thanks to sustainable living. It looked cosy from every angle. The property was bubbling with energy and a lively, friendly vibe, which made me feel welcome.

Wrapped in Tranquillity and Ethereal Beauty


Located far off from the hustle and bustle of tourist spots, Fivelements let me relax in blissful peace and quiet. The only thing that I could hear was the chirping of the birds, whistling wind and the sound of the flowing river, and oh how I loved it! This kind of space really gave me time to reign in my thoughts and concentrate on de-stressing.

Living in a Loving Apace


My room was by the river, draped in beautiful white upholstery, letting the natural light filter in. I had a canopy bed and a nook by the window so I could look at the river while listening to soothing music or click pictures of the sunrise and sunset. There was a soak-in stone bathtub in the verandah, overlooking the river and looking inviting 24/7. I dipped in and looked at the river without feeling too out in the open. Even the bathroom inside had an outdoor rain head shower which was covered only by bamboo and let the sun shine inside. It was surreal. 

Lip Smacking Vegan, Gluten-free Delicacies


Fivelements has an award winning dining room, the Sakti dining room that serves vegan, gluten free food varieties. As a vegetarian, I found the food here sumptuous and tried a lot of things that the staff recommended. My foodstagram is full of pictures of food I had here. They source organic ingredients for their food and 80% of it is served raw, increasing the nutritive value of the food by leaps and bounds. Like all of the establishments on the property, the Sakti dining room is also made of wood and bamboo and straw, adding to the Balinese village theme. 

Wellness Treatments and Rituals


The wellness spa treatments at Fivelements are given by native Balinese therapists who have inherited ancient knowledge and techniques. I had their Sakti spa ritual at their spa retreat by the river and I returned to my room a changed person. Taking a spa while hearing the river flow by was calming and serene. 

The therapist held my hand meditated with me for 5 minutes in the beginning to connect us to each other. This increased my comfort and helped me to get used to the touch of the therapist. 


Balinese hotris (priests) also perform blessing rituals like Agni Hotra Fire blessing ceremony in which they will offer offerings to the fire while chanting Sanskrit mantras. This ritual helped me purify my aura and made me feel like a new person. Girls are not allowed to perform these ceremonies in India but women are allowed to take part in these rituals in Bali. 

Sprinkles on the Top


I totally enjoyed my yoga session in the morning. More than anything, it encouraged me to wake up early and live a routine life. The instructor made me meditate post the class and made me feel very connected with my inner self. Overall, the property just healed me. 

My Bali trip was accentuated by my stay at Fivelements. It is indeed a retreat that will give you lasting physical and mental wellness. Everything from their food, atmosphere, staff, spa treatments and their hospitality was worth it. I would definitely go there again if I had a chance.


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