Drive Down the Coffee Country – Chikmagalur


Sometimes a holiday break can do wonders to our monotonous life. This is particularly true if you head leave the hustle bustle of a city and venture into the countryside. The much needed monsoon rains have drenched the parched nation with bountiful water, causing an abundance of greenery everywhere. Yes, many of us may still crib about the monsoon being less than normal this year; but optimists like me are happy that at least it broke the dry spell and brought us some relief!

This long weekend, I headed towards the hills in the Western Ghats. Being a coffee lover, a travel through the coffee country was the best way to rejuvenate my withered city soul. The best way to narrate my travelogue is in the form of a photo feature:


Once the road leaves the highway and begins to winding up the hills, the entire landscape changes and the cold nip in the air gives us an indication of what lies ahead. The road from Tarikere to Chikmagalur was quite good and was covered with lush greenery and tall trees.

Chikmagalur Coffee-Country-Rolling-Hills

The Bababudangiri Hills are famous for their vivid red earth and evergreen forests. Clouds moving across the picturesque valleys presented us with such spectacular views that we had to take several stops to click pictures.

Chikmagalur Coffee-Country-water-pond

The monsoon rains have filled up water ponds on the way to the hills, presenting a picturesque site for travellers.

Chikmagalur  Coffee-Country-Deviramma Betta

Deviramma Betta is the most prominent peak in the Bababudangiri Hills since it is a well-defined hill separated from the rest of the range. The hill gives a different view of the Ghats below, with mist descending from the range and goes into the plains.


We were fortunate to witness some wildlife on the way. Peacocks were sighted on the lush green fields on the way.


Coffee Barn Café is a welcome break for weary travellers climbing the steep mountain road. The cute café is nestled inside a coffee estate and serves some hot coffee branded ‘Halli Berry’!


Once we enter the valley close to Chikmagalur, the hills are completely covered with rows and rows of coffee estates. The coffee beans are green and they will be ready to harvest by winter.

Chikmagalur Coffee-Country-row-shops

After staying in one of the Athithi Homestays, we moved towards N R Pura or Narasimharaja Pura, a tiny town down the hills. The thick green blanket of grass growing on the roofs of shops stand testimony to the incessant rains in this region in this season.

Coffee-Country-NR Pura-Hotel-Ramprakash

We had our breakfast of idli-vada and filter coffee at this old canteen named Hotel Ramprakash. The owner has preserved old calendars and posters and hunting era horns in their original condition. Check out the large bronze water drum and marble top tables – true relics of a bygone era!

Cover Photo by Satheesh Sankaran

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