Fun and Exciting Things to do with Kids on a Vacation in South India


A family vacation in South India is destined to be loads of fun. From the change in cuisine to the language, kids love experiencing the world through their eyes and South India is going to be a blur of colourful culture, cuisine, dance and nature for them. 

But, if you really want to find out about the kid-friendly things you can do, stay tuned. 

1. Visit the ruins in Hampi

Hampi landscape from Hemakutam hill
Hampi landscape from Hemakutam hill

Recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi can be enthralling for your kids. Initially, it may not seem like the most exciting place to them but as they discover more of the architectural marvels, your kids are going to appreciate history for what it was. 

Other things that you can do with your kids in Hampi include rock climbing, visiting the waterfall, taking a wildlife tour to Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary and visiting the photo exhibit at Hampi Heritage Gallery.

2. Wonderla in Bangalore

Image – Silver Blu3 via Flickr

Theme Parks are the ultimate key to getting young children to enjoy themselves without putting too much thought into it. More than 60 exhilarating rides that can make a cranky child the happiest one around and guess what? You will also have the time of your life while ensuring your child has a fun but safe time at the water park. Just make sure you follow the strict guidelines for clothing. You can stay at one of the many resorts in Bangalore for family to make sure you don’t have to rush the trip. In fact, you can also visit the other franchises in Kochi and Hyderabad to make sure your kids are having the best time. 

3. Beaches in Goa and Kerala

Image – Pixabay

If your kids have a penchant for water, then, by all means, go to Goa. Goa is the most obvious choice if you’re taking a trip down south. It is a great place for you and your kids. You can allow your kids to run free while you bask in the sun and enjoy the jovial atmosphere. 

Kerala is often touted as God’s own country due to beautiful backwaters which your kids will definitely appreciate. There are many family-friendly beaches in Kerala with a ton of activities that you can do together as a family.

4. Bait fishing in Kerala

Bait fishing
Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

While you’re enjoying the backwaters of Kerala, also take the opportunity to take your kids to Kumbalangi. This is a model fishing village where you can show your children how fishing is carried out by locals in Kerala. You can also enjoy bait fishing with your children here. 

5. Sea World Aquarium in Rameshwaram

Sea World Aquarium in Rameshwaram
Image – Source

Get your kids fascinated with the underwater life in Rameshwaram. The Sea World Aquarium, a beautiful oceanic aquarium has a kids section where young children can learn about marine life in a fun and interactive way. If your children are obsessed with seashells be sure to make a pit stop at the Sea Shell Museum in Mahabalipuram that houses a wide array of seashells. 

6. Visit the Gerry Martin Farm

Courtesy – Martin Farm

If you live in a concrete jungle, then visiting the Gerry Martin Farm will definitely be a treat for you and your kids. The farm is home to ducks, emus, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs and pigs. Surrounded by lush greens, your kids will have a terrific time petting and feeding the farm animals. Since the farm is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, you can check into one of the lovely resorts in Bangalore to ensure you make the most of your day.

7. Visit the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium – Wikimedia

What better way to expose your kids to astronomy than to take them to the Planetarium in Bangalore? A fun way to learn about the Universe and our solar system, the Planetarium leaves all kids in awe making it a fun learning experience. 

Of course, you can always take your kids to see one of the many hill-stations in South India like Coorg, Ooty, Kotagiri or countless beaches. Not to mention Pondicherry and Gokarna that are very popular with tourists. You can also book a resort that organizes fun activities to keep your children engaged or family activities to strengthen the family bond. Just remember to let your children be children and have fun. 

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