Top 7 Offbeat Travel Destinations in Himachal Pradesh


The mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh in India nestled in Himalayas is a paradise in itself. The beauty and grandeur of its hills, the serenity of its lakes and the hospitality of its people will entice you to visit again and again. Although Himachal is a busy tourist hub, you can still sample some of its offbeat destinations that have remained unexplored. Here are a few popular offbeat travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh:

1. The Rohtang Pass

Himachal Pradesh - Rohtang Pass Photo

One of the most popular spots in Manali, the name ‘Rohtang La’ literally means pile of corpses! The pass was named so due to the numerous deaths that happened here because of bad weather, when people tried to cross it. Rohtang La connects the lower Kullu Valley with the upper regions of Lahaul and Spiti Valleys, and is open between May-November. Although still a difficult stretch to traverse, the Rohtang pass is among the comparatively easier terrains in the Himalayan region. Sipping on a cup of hot tea that does not remain hot for more than a minute, with the icy thin air blowing over your face and gazing at the spectacular view of the valleys before you is an unforgettable experience!

2. Lahaul and Spiti

Himachal Pradesh - Lahaul-Spiti

The district of Lahaul-Spiti is famous for its ancient monasteries and natural formations. Lahaul is more on the greener side of the valley and is populated by people of Tibetan and Indo-Aryan descent, while Spiti is an elevated cold-desert valley. The village of Spiti is also known as ‘little Tibet’ due to the Tibetan Buddhist influence visible in its culture and landscape. The region celebrates ‘Losar Festival’, the Tibetan new year in a grand manner, which is a feast to watch out for.

3. Dharamkot

Himachal Pradesh - Dharamkot

For those visiting Mcleodganj, there is an option to pass through Dharamkot, a small village offering scenic views of the valleys. The village has become a popular offbeat travel spot for tourists due to the availability of marijuana, smoked by the villagers. Apart from the friendly Pahadi people, you can sample the local cuisine inside cafes located in the jungle. Another experience here is to trek to the top of the Triund mountain.

4. Sangla / Baspa Valley

Himachal Pradesh - Baspa-Valley

It is located in the greater Himalayan range and provides a breathtaking view of the mountains. Sangla provides overnight trekking and numerous adventurous stay options. This valley abounds in apple orchards, apricot, walnut and cedar trees and is famous for Kinnauri shawls and silver jewellery studded with Tibetan pearls. The crystal clear waters of the Baspa river that flows through the Sangla valley is ideal for trout fishing.

5. Kasauli

Himachal Pradesh - kasauli

While Shimla is the most popular hill station in Himachal, Kasauli town in Solan district with its diverse forests of pine, oak and horse-chestnut trees, colonial ambience and little gardens with a 19th century feel, which distinguishes it from other commercialised destinations. Around 15 kms from Kasauli is the fort of Kuthar. It is more than 800 years old and once served as the residence of the royal family of Kuthar. The exteriors of the fort showcase intricate Rajput architecture and the interiors display alluring wooden carvings and fine paintings that will take you back in time to the British colonial era.

6. Tirthan Valley

Himachal Pradesh - The-Great-Himalayan-National-Park

Tirthan Valley has become popular in Himachal, since it retains a unique nature that lies undisturbed. The valley is surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park where you can spot wildlife. The valley is carved by the Tirthan River where you can relax and experience purest form of Mother Nature. Good news is that the valley remains open throughout the year, but the blooming flowers during spring would be the best time to visit.

7. Sarahan

Himachal Pradesh - Sarahan-Temple

One area that remains unexplored in Himachal is Sarahan. Sarahan is a tiny town in Himachal Pradesh, which is known as the gateway of Kinnaur. It is the site of famous Bhimakali temple, dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali. Another point of attraction here is the Daranghati wildlife sanctuary. However, since the place lacks proper accommodation, you may plan a day visit here and leave in the evening. Driving through offers a great experience.
So pack your bags and visit these amazing offbeat travel destinations in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh today!

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