Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh You Must Explore


Andhra Pradesh is home to numerous historical places. The historical significance of the state and its remaining essence make it a part of a mandatory heritage visit. People who visit the historical sites of Andhra Pradesh will get to experience the pages they read in their school textbooks.  

This article brings you the historical places in Andhra Pradesh that one must not miss on their trip to the state. These places must be on one’s itinerary while visiting Andhra Pradesh. Read on to find out the places that best fit your ideal location.  


Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh - Tirupati  
Image – Wikimedia

Tirupati is in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. Almost every religious person of our country, and even the non-religious people, must have heard of the place. Tirupati temple is the main attraction of the Tirupati town. The Tirupati temple is in honor of Balaji, a form of Lord Vishnu. The temple’s origin is unknown, but its significance is well-known throughout the country and even in other countries.  

The location of the town is in the foothills of the Eastern Ghats in the Chittor district. The scenic beauty of the place is also delightful.  


Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh - Kurnool
Image – Wikimedia

Kurnool is a small town of Andhra Pradesh with a lot of historical significance. It is known as The Gateway of Rayalaseema. The historical importance of the place is the remnants of the palace of Gopal Raju, the last Hindu King. It also has ruins of a medieval fort made by the Vijaynagar Empire. The ruins of the fort have Persian and Arabic inscriptions. There is also a summer palace in Kurnool. The Kurnool rulers built the summer palace during the 16th Century.  

The city has other historical significance as well. The name Kurnool comes from Kandanavolu or Kandanolu. The place used to be a crossing across the Tungabhadra River. Belum Caves and Ketavaram rock paintings which date back to the Paleolithic era, are also historical wonders of the place.  


Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh - Amaravathi
Image – Wikimedia

Amravati is known as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Amravati is a beautiful, planned city on the banks of river Krishna. The place holds great importance for the Buddhists for it is a site of a Buddhist Stupa. Amravati is a pilgrim place and is also famous for sightseeing. Geographically, Amravati is 32 kilometers north of Guntur District. The city has 51% of green spaces that lie on the 217 km of the riverfront. The place throngs with visitors throughout the year. The natural beauty and historical significance beckon pilgrims and other tourists to come to visit this town.  

The historical quality of Amravati dates back to the time of Empire Ashoka. The Buddhist Stupa’s construction began during his reign. 

Borra Caves 

Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh - Borra Caves 
Image – Pixahive

Borra Caves is one of the finest attractions of Araku Valley. The Borra Caves are one million-year-old limestone caves. The adventurous people out there here are a place for you. The Caves are at the height of 705 meters and are spread across an area of 2 kilometers. Borra Caves is in the Ananthagiri Hills of Araku Valley. William King George discovered the natural caves in 1807. The place also has mythological importance for the locals and even the visitors. The natural formation of the caves has a stone in the shape of the Linga, the synonymous consideration of Lord Shiva. The discovery led to the establishment of a Shiva temple inside the caves.  

The Borra Caves is indeed very beautiful and is a place to visit to experience the thrill of a natural wonder. When visiting Araku Valley, do not miss visiting the Borra Caves to witness such a great tourist attraction. 


Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh - Visakhapatnam
Image – Wikimedia

Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, is one of the most famous places in Andhra Pradesh and India. It is one of the oldest port cities in the country, and its prime attractions are scenic beaches and picturesque landscapes. The historic quality of the place is the port of Visakhapatnam, and the port houses India’s oldest shipyard. Yarada Beach is the most beautiful beach amongst all its beaches. Yarada Beach has majestic hills on its three sides and the Bay of Bengal on one side. Araku Valley is only a few kilometers from Vizag.  

The natural wonder of the place is truly something to behold. The port city is immaculate and welcomes visitors year-round.  


Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh - Gandikota
Image – Wikimedia

Gandikota is one of the lesser-known places of Andhra Pradesh. The place is only known to off-beat travelers and campers, and they only know the historical appeal of the place. Gandikota is home to the historic fort, and the Gandikota fort is along the Penna River. The view of the canyon from this place is like none other in India. The place is popularly termed the ‘Grand Canyon of India.’ Campers who know of this place pitch their tent with a view of the canyon. The lovely picturesque view along with a sky full of stars appease the thirst of every visitor.  

Gandikota is ideal for history, nature, and adventure lovers. The remnant of the fort, along with the canyon’s site, is perfect for every vacation lover. 


Historical Places in Andhra Pradesh - Machilipatnam
Image – Wikimedia

Masulipatnam is another city of Andhra Pradesh that still carries the scent of the bygone days of British rule. Machilipatnam, formerly Masulipatnam or Masulipatam, was the first British trading settlement in 1611 on the Bay of Bengal. The city was also under French and Dutch rule from 1686 to 1759. The British finally took over the city in 1759. It has a ruined fort, a railroad terminus and a seaport, and connects Vijayawada to the northwest. The beaches in the city are enjoyable for a good relaxing time.  It is ideal for nature and history lovers. The city’s long history of rulers gives it a different charm that attracts a lot of tourists.  

Andhra Pradesh is a state known for its food, beaches, and river tributaries. The natural wonders of the place make it a sought-after tourist spot. We hope that the list will help you choose your spot while visiting the state for all the history buffs out there. Andhra Pradesh does have its historical significance and the ruins that remain from the old days are testimony to the place’s charm. 

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