How To Stay Well-Rested While Travelling


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Now you are away from home and a happy traveler. Traveling is fun but hectic as well because you explore places the entire day and this demands good sleep. You are going around places means it’s a dream come true. But have you thought about the amount of fatigue a traveler can experience and the kind of sleep you need? We don’t want you to have dark circles visible while you are posing for a selfie. Yes, you need to recharge yourself after all those jet lags, bus journeys, and bumpy rides. So, here are a few tips so that you can stay well-rested even while traveling.

These are a few of the tired and tested stuff and have definitely come from avid travelers around the world. Take a look:

Plan your own sleep routine

You definitely have a sleep clock that you stick to on a regular basis, stick to that routine and try to get some more rest if possible. If you are going to places having a different time zone, it might be a bit difficult for you but you need to get yourself habituated to the time-zone. You need to make up your mind that you are going to adjust to the timings patterns. Plan so that you can give yourself plenty of sleep.

Take sleep mask along

Sleep masks are excellent to carry with while you are traveling. It’s a mask that blindfolds your eyes very gently giving you good night’s sleep. In case you are guessing what good it can do, it blocks the light, keeps your ears covered so that you are not distracted and with no time you fall asleep. This mask also keeps the skin around the eyes protected and you can sleep very comfortably. It’s very important to choose the right kind of mask so that the mask does not fit too tightly or is not too loose. You can buy masks that come with profiles so that the mask does not stick to your face and it won’t be a reason for discomfort. Choose a mask that suits your requirements, there are masks for men, women, and travelers too.

Cut down on caffeine

A cup of coffee gives you relaxation and most of the travelers are used to taking coffee in the mornings so that they can get out of bed and get ready for traveling. Keep coffee limited to mornings only, do not have cups in the evening. The problem with caffeine is it metabolizes gradually and promotes lack of sleep. According to experts, you must quit taking coffee 9-10 hours before sleeping. If you want some rejuvenation, try green tea or herbal tea along with your snacks. Apart from caffeine, just do not go overboard with rich food and alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol just because of fun could spoil your night rather than giving rest.

Feel at home

Sleep is a problem for many when they change the location and this can leave you sleeps deprived. Book your stay in a comfortable hotel or resort so that it’s easier for you to feel at home. You can carry some of your favorite items like best nightwear, bedsheet, maybe a pillow, bathroom slippers, scented candles etc. This would help create a homely ambiance.

No technology at night

You have come to travel and enjoy your tour, you also need a fair amount of relaxation. You don’t need to be a techno geek at night working on your laptop or operating the smartphone in the dark till late hours. This will give you lack of sleep and you might not have a good mood to travel the next day. Keep technology away to have the freshness of mind and get good night’s sleep. Travelling is also a mode of unwinding and de-stressing yourself.

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Final words

During your travel, your sleep timings or cycle might alter due to traveling itself, as per your itinerary or due to the time zone and other factors. But you can always prepare a little ahead of time and make sure that the travel does not take a toll on your health. Good rest and sleep with actually motivate you to make the most of the vacation time.

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