Nightlife in the Capital of Romania Will Be the Greatest Part of Your Bachelor Experience


Nightlife in the Capital of Romania

It’s safe to say that the capital city of Romania is becoming slowly but surely the mecca of European bachelor parties. It’s funny actually how many people still cant recognize this city as a major party center despite some of its places being positioned high on clubbing ratings in Europe. 

You will find the presence of many young people and the desire for redemption from the years of isolation to be still active, and despite all of that the breath of fresh modernity in a unique style is highly present. Bucharest is famous for its close ties with culture, theater, and museums and when the night falls it offers numerous opportunities for fun and entertainment for all tastes and ages. 

As of recently, the city is becoming more and more famous for its Bucharest Bachelor adventures that simply leave no group without a wish for some more of that sweet-sweet Bucharest nightlife.

Exceptionally Low Cost of a High-Grade Fun

Nightlife in the Capital of Romania

The historic center of Bucharest is full of clubs and you can always find a few parties. Especially on weekends, the nightlife becomes even more lively. The most popular places are in the center. Entry to the premises is quite cheap and most of them are completely free for girls.

Drinks are also quite exceptionally cheap. A beer can cost between 2 and 4 euros and a cocktail around 4 or 5 euros but this can also be found in many restaurants where you can taste the specialties of Romanian cuisine.

Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, but Also Theater, Disco Bar, and Live Music

Nightlife in the Capital of Romania

Among the most famous nightlife venues is the Bamboo Club takes the title of the most famous disco in Bucharest. It is an elegant and fashionable place, with an internationally renowned house and techno DJs.  At the entrance, there is a rigid selection, but once inside, you can mix in the crowd. A must-visit for Bucharest’s nightlife.

The  Fire Club, a historic Bucharest disco pub that continues to entertain generations of young people with its sophisticated music, which spans all genres depending on the evenings.

The Kristal Glam Club is located in the north-eastern part of Bucharest, a club with electronic music that organizes some of the most incredible events in the city.

The Expiration Club, one of the longest-running clubs in the city and one of the most important nightclubs in Bucharest. Most evenings there is live music.

The Old City is located in the center of the Old City. Frequented by people from all over the world.

The Control Club started as a club with live music concerts and over the years has turned to electronic music, also known as an experimental laboratory for local groups.

The Freddo Bar & Lounge hosts several events and is very popular among youngsters.

The Mojo is both a pub and a club with live music and dance in the old town. On three levels, it offers music for all tastes.

The Fratelli Social Club is one of the clubs of excellence in Bucharest, attended by the city’s elite.

The BOA is one of the best nightclubs in Bucharest, seen from the outside, it looks like a warehouse, but once inside, you will be surprised by the luxury of the place.

The Eden Club stands out for its post-industrial atmosphere and eclectic music, it is now the epicenter of the hipster movement, offering two rooms with different music.

El Dictator is a very popular club in the heart of the old city of Bucharest offering rock music, dance and live music.

Famous Bars and Restaurants of Bucharest  

Nightlife in the Capital of Romania

Caru’Cu Bere, the oldest brewery in Bucharest is very popular. It is better to book in advance just to be sure to find a seat.

The Nomad Skybar is a bar located inside a splendid loft in the old city of Bucharest, with a glass roof that reveals the starry sky.

Interbelic is a very popular pub where there is often live music.

The Shift pub is a Bohemian restaurant, but also a bar and a club that offers a mix of music and serves soups, salads, light meals.

The Drunken Lords is a popular and lively pub and club that frequently hosts live music, sports, and cultural events.

Bucharest ‘s Hard Rock Cafe is located on the edge of Herastrau Park and is one of the largest in Europe. During the day, the place attracts many families with children, while at night live music attracts a crowd of young people ready to party until late.

The Harp pub is one of the most popular Irish pubs and offers mainly Guinness beer and good food, including huge hamburgers. There is live music every Friday and Saturday night.

The Green Hours offers evenings with live jazz, frequented by people of all ages.

The Pub Universitatii is a large and lively pub serving drinks and good food, one of the best pubs in Bucharest.

In Conclusion:

Nightlife in the Capital of Romania

Once you arrive for that unforgettable stag do weekend be sure to do some club surfing and visit some of these notable names of eastern Europe clubbing scene. Once you wake up and start looking for a hangover remedy, then there is no better place to relax and regenerate then in a serenity like surrounding of previously mentioned open cafes and bars. 

However, you plan to spend your weekend in Bucharest be sure to check as many places as you can because once this city gets stormed by the horde of annoying tourists there won’t be perfect party conditions like they are at the moment.

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