Photo Feature – The lost city of Hampi


The lost city of Hampi, in Karnataka is famous as a UNESCO world heritage site. The place is a photographers delight, the landscapes, the ruins, the weird arrangement are the main attractions. One can spend time leisurely looking at randomly balanced stone boulders or the beautifully carved temples. Deepak Agarwal went to Hampi recently and came back inspired by the memorable sights. He recommends us to check out the Hampi Festival which is held in November every year.

Based in Bangalore, Deepak Agarwal is an analytics professional with about seven years of experience. His hobbies include traveling to different parts of the world. Living in Bangalore allows him to travel to lot of places which offer him diverse experience. Deepak feels each location around Bangalore is a photographer’s delight! His recent travel escapades include trips to Chikmagalur, Hampi and Coorg. Deepak is passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures. In future, he plans to travel around eastern Europe and diversify his portfolio of experience. His association with Caleidoscope is slightly new but has been on the right track!

Photos – Deepak Agarwal



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