10 Best Places for Shopping in Delhi You Should Have on Your List


Places for Shopping in Delhi
Image – Saad Akhtar/Flickr

Isn’t there a sort of thrill to spend hours on a street or in a mall with your friends to find that one fabulous dress for your birthday? Indeed, shopping is nothing short of a therapeutic process for many. Whether you’re having a bad day or just want to make yourself feel better, many of us treat ourselves with a beautiful piece of cloth to make our day better.

Now, it is hard to speak about shopping without mentioning Delhi. Why? Well, because it is the fashion capital of India. No, it is not Milan or Paris surely, but it is just as glamorous and fascinating. If you’re ever in Delhi, you’re bound to forget the time in its long lanes filled with different, colorful pieces to suit your every fashion need. A fashionista’s dream, Delhi is the perfect destination to get affordable prices for, especially unique and attractive clothes. From funky boho jewelry to an elegant set of salwar-kameez, your wardrobe makeover will be unstoppable with the help of these amazing places. So why don’t you read along and see what our friends in Delhi have for us?

1. Sarojini Nagar Market

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Sarojini Nagar
Image/T Frey/Flickr

There is no better way to kick start this article than by talking about the Sarojini Nagar Market. As the name suggests, this spectacular market is located in the Southern part of Delhi. Arguably the best market in Delhi, Sarojini Market houses the rejected pieces of most brands, thus helping shoppers bag the best of items without burning a hole in their pockets. You can find your heart’s desires, from home decor to fancy clothes, in this crowded street. However, while the street has numerous stalls ready for your service, the market is most famous for its handbags and coats. If you want expensive Zara or H&M bags at cheaper rates, Sarojini is where you’ve got to be. Tempting, no?

2. Chandni Chowk

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Chandni Chowk

Can you imagine an ancient place established by a Mughal ruler now turned into a bustling shopping center with a relentless crowd every day? Because that is exactly what Chandni Chowk looks like. Having established by Shah Jahan in the 17th century in Old Delhi, the place is a present-day shopper’s paradise. With more than a hundred diverse stalls and mouth-watering street food present for your indulgence, you’ll fall in love with the chaos of the market.

3. Janpath Market

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Janpath Market
Image/Mike Fleming/Flickr

If Janpath Nagar is on your travel itinerary to Delhi, you must pay a visit to this magnificent street. Packed with foreigners and Indians alike, the Janpath market is a marvel to behold. The entire market comprises of the two main markets within it, namely, the Gujrati market and Tibetan market. Find your ideal aesthetics in the vibrant hoard of kinds of stuff available to you at the Janpath Market. The colorful pashminas, beads, accessories, and clothes will surely leave you spellbound. Bring your day to a delicious end by dining at the local restaurants or snacking on some Delhi-special momos.

4. Karol Bagh

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Karol Bagh

Delhi is extremely famous for its wholesale markets and Karol Bagh Market is indicative of this. Famous all over India and often shown in movies, the Karol Bagh Market is a rainbow of beautiful goods. It is highly famous for the inexpensive (but equally captivating) and exquisite designer lehengas, ghagras, and bridal dresses for women, and sherwanis for men. Also, make sure to check out the shining jewelry stalls while you’re there to match your favorite dress. Another important market situated not far from the Karol Bagh market is Gaffar Market. If you’re extremely tech-savvy, you are sure to have a ball at Gaffar Market.

5. Connaught Place

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Connaught Place

You’ve probably heard of Connaught Place at least once in your lifetime. This attractive circular structure contains some of the best brands of the world – from local, Indian brands to high-end fashion, Connaught Place is a great place to visit while you’re in Delhi. After spending your time shopping, you can also visit the nearby monuments. A crowd running up to thousands gather in the place to shop, eat at the exquisite cafés and restaurants, or simply have a memorable time with their peers. Enjoy your time in the Georgian-style architecture of the place!

6. Lajpat Nagar

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Lajpat Nagar
Image/Nadir Hashmi/Flickr

Alternatively called the Central Market, Lajpat Nagar is particularly famous amongst the locals of Delhi for its affordable and wide range of textiles. The street is directly connected to the metro line; therefore, it is easily accessible by most people. As soon as you enter the market, you’ll be met by numerous clothing stores and tiny stalls offering wares of various sorts. An impressive and affordable experience, indeed!

7. Khan Market

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Khan Market
Image/Vasenka Potography/Flickr

Situated in South Delhi, Khan Market is a classy shopping street established in 1951. It is frequently recommended and visited by people who wish to purchase high-end goods. Ranging from an expensive clothing brand to international foodstuffs from across the world, Khan Market has you covered. Moreover, you’ll be able to spot quaint little bookshops and eateries all over the market. These eateries include street-side dishes to well-established restaurants. Visit Khan Market to have a wondrous shopping experience with your loved ones.

8. Greater Kailash

Places for Shopping in Delhi- Greater Kailash Market

Greater Kailash happens to be one of the most select and elite societies of Delhi. However, the market it encompasses is just as accommodative. With a perfect blend of local and international brands, the Greater Kailash market is segmented into two blocks, namely, M block and N block. Although the price range in this market is higher than others, a good bargain is most likely to fetch you your desired price. With a wide array of lifestyle stores, clothing showrooms, cosmetic stores, and eateries, Greater Kailash is the one-stop destination for all of your shopping needs.

9. Dilli Haat

Places for Shopping in Delhi-Dilli Haat
Image/Manuel Menal/Flickr

An integral part of Delhi’s identity, Dilli Haat is the heart of all good things. If you want to experience the cultural heritage of Delhi and want the true ‘Delhi’ environment, you’ll find no better place than Dilli Haat. Lined with numerous huts and stalls, you feel that you’re in rural heaven at Dilli Haat. The place is most famous for its sandalwood and rosewood antiques, beads, accessories, and fabrics. Truly an enchanting arrangement!

10. Palika Bazar

Places for Shopping in Delhi- Palika Bazar

An excellent example of electronic technology in Delhi, Palika Bazar is one of the most famous markets in Delhi for its wide selection of electronic products. From CDs to gaming consoles, Palika Bazar where you’ve got to be if you’re into technology.

It is no secret that Delhi is now synonymous with shopping. These markets are not only a great way for buyers to shop hassle-free, but also an enormous generator of income for thousands of people. Indulge in the exciting shopping experience these markets have to provide and let me know which place you liked the best!

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