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Most cities in India have one particular terrain as their focal point of attraction. It could be a beach, a mountain range, religious places or some significant monuments of historical value. Seldom do you come across a city that boasts of such diverse locations within a striking distance, offering you an ultimate holiday destination list!

Pune, being a city steeped in ancient traditions, loves its religious and cultural festivals. As the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the city hosts various Hindustani classical music concerts and folk art festivals. The city and its surroundings are dotted with numerous archaeological remains and historical monuments that are a treat for history buffs.

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Surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range, Pune has a lot to offer for adventure trips and trekking enthusiasts. Even within the city limits, one can find some good sightseeing spots to visit. The nearby mountain ranges offer a range of options – right from serious rock climbing to just fun and frolicking under a waterfall, to lazing at the beach. From, from clear sunny beaches to foggy mountain tops, from river rafting to serene boat rides, this city offers you everything you want all within a radius of 500km.

Authentic food, religious places, street shopping, museums, forts, palaces, you could spend a couple of days just exploring this city. Spend some more time and try to get to know the people as well. Proud Punekars love to talk, and they would love give you some tips about their city and help you go around. But be careful, Punekars are extremely frank; you might just find yourself lost for words while having a conversation with them!

Have a look at our Pune Sightseeing Guide to check out the  places to visit near pune that you could visit while you are in Pune. Your holiday could be a short weekend getaway or a long stay, we are sure you will easily find a suitable holiday destination.

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