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The Savoy-in-Mussoorie
The Savoy Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a mountain destination which is nestled amidst pine trees, beautiful sunrises and snow capped peaks. It is the place where many couples went together to and fell in love. It is also the place where lost lovers met each other and rekindled their old spirits and found new energy. Mussoorie, has so many unexplored paths and offbeat local shops which are places where you can not only explore yourself, but also places where you can explore the person you love and may have lost touch with over time. 

In relationships, you may continue loving the person, but you may end up losing the human touch which brings you emotionally close together. This makes travelling together very important because couples need to take time off their busy lives and invest time in each other as well. This makes both partners feel valued and kills the monotony which exists in the relationship. 

The Savoy-in-Mussoorie

Amidst snow capped peaks in Mussoorie, there is a hotel named “Savoy”. It looks like a grand palace from the outside and has a heritage element attached to it. The hotel has been there for almost 150 years. There are vast open gardens and lawns in the hotel where couples can relax and spend time with each other. Most of the rooms with a balcony opens up to a vast, open and unobstructed view of the Himalayas. This hotel forms a perfect setting for a getaway with your loved one. 

The interiors of the hotel are quaint and english style. The area near the rooms has beautiful fountains with sculptures. The stairway to the dining room is made of marble and it opens to a huge room of woodwork. The Savoy has had many popular personalities drinking in their bar. Ruskin Bond and Jim Corbett are two of the more popular personalities who have been here in the past. For buffet, the hotel has a wide spread for all the meals and also has some fantastic a-la-carte. It is a great feeling to just sit by the window and enjoy the scrumptious meals while overlooking the himalayas. From the window, the Himalayas look so close that you can just put your arm out and touch the snow and at the same time they are far enough to feel safe. 

The Savoy-in-Mussoorie

In the evening, The Savoy has a charming guard change just like those in the Brisitsh era and it has a bonfire to keep yourself warm. As the sun descends, you can enjoy some tea and music by the bonfire. Mall road is at a walking distance from this hotel and you can walk around the quaint cafes and shops of mall road with your partner. Meeting Ruskin Bond and buying a book signed by him is one of the biggest highlights for lovers in Mussoorie. It’s a picture perfect trip, cut off from the world, where you can view the city lights of Dehradun from the mountains of Mussoorie. You can understand the mysteries which your partner has to offer to you and enjoy the silence of their company while you walk around the mountain. You can also explore some quaint places on the mountain side and simply take a midnight stroll. 

It is very easy to find warmth on the mountain in someone you love, no matter how cold it gets outside. Mountains always have a strange way of making people come closer together. There is a certain beauty in the sunrise of the mountain which is able to bring in freshness and new beginnings. There is a wonderful scent in every flower which blooms on the streets lovers walk on in Mussoorie. You can find your lover again and explore them again on these mountains. You never know what the mountain has planned for you and you never know what secrets it holds.

Photo Courtesy – WelcomHotel The Savoy Mussoorie – Member ITC’s Hotel Group

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