Planning a Paddleboarding Adventure: The Top Benefits of This Activity


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More exciting than swimming and easier than sailing, stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, has become extremely popular in the last decade. While the activity is still somewhat new, it offers quite a few undeniable benefits. These aren’t just health boosters, either. If you are planning a paddleboarding adventure here at home or abroad, learn about some of the biggest benefits it offers here.

It’s an Activity Everyone Can Enjoy

One of the biggest appealing benefits of SUP is its varied level of intensity. When you cruise on a paddleboard, you can enjoy a gentle drift across a glassy lake, or if you are paddleboarding as part of your celebrity Caribbean cruises experience, you can take on a more exciting and exhilarating body of water.

For example, on a tropical beach, you can paddle out to sea and catch the biggest waves. While this is true, small children can also enjoy SUP in the shallows. This makes it a versatile, family-friendly activity that everyone should try.

You Can Participate in Stand-Up Paddleboarding Anywhere

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While this is most commonly done as a beach activity, you can also use a stand-up paddleboard in a canal, on a lake, or even a river. This makes it a popular option for water-sports enthusiasts who don’t live next to the coast. They can train on the local river rather than having to drive for hours to get to the closest beach.

What’s even more appealing is that modern paddle boards are lighter than canoes and kayaks, and you can pack the inflatable option in your rucksack. This means you can always have your paddleboard with you when traveling.

Paddle Boarding is a Great Workout

While SUP is something easy to learn, it’s also a great form of exercise. The gentle turning motion used while padding will strengthen your core muscles, especially the inter-vertebral and oblique muscles. Your arms and shoulders also work to propel your body weight with the paddle, and your legs are constantly tensed, which helps to keep your body in an upright position.

Paddle Boarding is a Great Way to Stay Lean

Did you know that in just an hour of paddleboarding you can burn 400 calories or more? This also means you can build lean muscle, which will eat up fat, even when you get out of the water. By doing this activity regularly, you can burn off excess weight and reduce strain on any problem areas, such as your knees or back.

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If you are paddleboarding on flat water, SUP offers you gentle strength training, which is something effective without being too strenuous. If you are chasing waves or racing, it is a great cardiovascular workout that will help build your stamina and lung capacity. SUP is considered to be a low-impact exercise, which helps to build your fitness level with a very low risk of injury and absolutely no excessive strain on your muscles.

Improve Your Balance

The paddleboard itself is unstable. This makes it such an effective workout. While it may feel as though you are standing completely still, the board’s wobbling motion requires your muscles to be constantly engaged to keep your body upright.

By practicing regularly, you’ll discover that your balance is better both on and off the water. If you play other sports, this can prove beneficial, and help with certain jobs, such as decorating. Believe it or not, paddle boarding is even a great activity for seniors, as it can help restore some balance issues that occur as a person gets older.

Are You Ready to Go Paddle Boarding?

Are you ready to see all the benefits mentioned here yourself? If so, get a paddleboard and hit the water. Chances are you will discover a few other benefits, too, not to mention this is a fun and enjoyable activity. What’s even better is that this is something you can enjoy with every member of your family, regardless of where you live.

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