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Are you tired of running the same errands on a daily basis? Does the very thought of showing up at the office tomorrow giving you a long face? Have you kept your “mojo” somewhere and can’t seem to find it? If yes, then you have my deepest empathy. I was in the same soup a few days back. But not anymore!

What is the first thing that upsets you in summers? It is the heat and sweat right?! Taking a vacation will do wonders for you. But where? Hill stations are suitable for escaping the heat, but it is a clichéd choice. Why not aim for an island vacation? I am recommending it because I have just come back from a trip to Boracay. This picturesque island is situated in the central part of Philippines. White sand, inviting surf, rows of palm trees, luxurious resorts and a vast array of water activities make Boracay a paradise for people of all ages.

I was there with my trusted “gal gang.” But that is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about island fashion disasters. You will be spending a lot of time in the sun and surf. If you don’t pay attention to packing, then you are done! Trust me, honey! You don’t want to make the mistakes we made.

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Packing the right outfits for an island vacation

The biggest nightmare for a girl is to choose clothes for a trip. But from my last trips, I gathered that traveling light always helps. I made a quick list of “must-take” clothes. I researched the climate of Boracay during this time. It was ideal for short dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, shorts and basic T-shirts. Staying with the island theme, I opted for floral prints and bright colors. These will show off your sexy legs, without too much exposure to the sun. For casual dinners or a trip to nightclubs, packing navy blue, deep red or classic black short dresses are ideal.

If you are not a girly girl like me, then don’t forget to throw in linen and denim shorts. The acid-washed shorts looked good pinstriped, printed, and sequenced tube or crop tops. I had two solid colored and one printed linen shorts. These complemented off-white and cream colored short sleeved and sleeveless Ts I had. I had picked up three knee-length caftans for a good time on the beach. Caftans work as lounge top and also go over your swimsuit when you are not in the water. Apart from this, two belted shirt dresses kept me on the top of my fashion game.

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Shoes for all terrains

One must be especially careful while picking shoes for island holidays. You will get sand, water, rocky terrain and damp forests. Trekking is a popular sport on islands. So, I packed my comfy trekking shoes for outdoor dry sporting activities. You do not want to walk around for hours in the sparse forests in sandals, flipflops or wedges. Sara learned the lesson first hand, and we had to purchase trekking shoes for her from the local market. As for night outs, high heels or court heels will assist you to dress up the outfit. If you want to dance the night away, ballerinas or gladiator shoes will offer comfort. Switch over to flip-flops when you step on the beach. Flat beaded sandals will also look fashionable. You want something that will not trap sand particles. Whatever you wear on the beach, make sure it is waterproof.

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Hats and Scarves for added oomph

It is impossible for me not to make any mistakes while packing for any trip. Just two days in, we realized that none of us have hats to wear to the beach. Bummer! Take note – a wide-brimmed, relatively stiff woven hat is a must for island and beach holidays. These give you a chic look, protect from direct sun rays, and go with all kinds of dresses. There was a local hat store outside the resorts. Thus, we were saved. Next fashion must-have – the scarves. No! Not the regular ones. When on an island, opt for wide scarves, which can double up as a bottom wrapper. These scarves look dapper under a bikini top or a tank top.

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Swimsuits according to activity

My prior Bali trip taught me that itsy-bitsy bikini suits are not ideal for water sports. Secure one-piece swimsuits will come in handy when you are enjoying the water sports. Trust me! The bikini strings will not stand a chance against the mighty waves. But when you want to soak up the sun, it is time to bring out those sexy thongs and bikini tops. Remember the scarves! You can tie it around your waist as a wrapper. As for me, I had my fantastic polyester caftans. I opted for this fabric as it sheds water quickly, and dries within no time. The last thing you want is to pack wet clothes on your journey back home.

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It is better to get it straight from the horse’s mount. That way, you can be sure not to step into the same pit. I made several fashion faux pas back in the days. Each mistake taught me something or another. Over time, I have polished my skills. The three thumb rules that I play by now are to travel light, have a contingency plan and leave adequate room for bringing back souvenirs. Touch wood! It has been going great for me. Following these rules will keep you from boring vacation looks once you land on the island nation.

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